Panel Paper Submission Form

A panel submission is a pre-organized session, comprised of no more than six individual panel paper submissions. When submitting a panel, please refer to the following check list to ensure that all of the information is complete.  

Step One: Choose your panel organizer. 

Step Two: Panel organizer, must FIRST submit a Panel Overview Abstract (this is a short description of the relationship between all of the individual abstracts within the panel). See link below.  

Step Three: After the panel overview abstract has been submitted by the panel organizer, abstracts must be submitted for EACH of the individual papers within the panel. This may be accomplished in one of the following two ways: 

  • The panel organizer can collect all of the abstracts from his/her panel participants and submit them at the same time that the Panel Overview Abstract is submitted; OR.....
  • Each panel participant can submit the abstracts individually. 

When composing your abstract, please use a text editor (i.e. MS Word or WordPerfect) and then cut and paste it into the box provided on the form. DO NOT type your abstract directly into the box!  

Please be sure to fill in this form as completely as possible and read all requirements below for abstract length.

Panel Information
Individual Panel Paper Information
Biographical Information
Institution, Degree, Major, and Year for each degree of higher education held:
Paper Information
Individual Panel Paper Abstract Information

This overview will be published in the program book so it must not exceed 1400 characters (including spaces and punctuation). The title need not be repeated in the body of the abstract.

Indicate what the learner should be able to do (e.g., define, state, describe, discuss, explain, etc.) after attending your presentation.

Describe how the presenter’s current position/experience relates to the topic being presented.

Please be sure to read over your form before submitting it, as the information given will be entered as received.

Should you encounter any problems, or notice any issues with what you have submitted, please use the contact information below for assistance.

Contact Information:

Amanda Gourgue, Conference Administrator
Family Violence Research Conferences
McConnell Hall
Academic Way
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-0767 


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