Latin American, Latinx and Caribbean Studies (Minor)

Latin American, Latinx and Caribbean Studies (Minor)

Latin American Studies

Latin American, Latinx and Caribbean studies is an interdisciplinary minor encompassing anthropology, communications, economics, geography, history, linguistics, political science, Spanish and Portuguese. Knowledge of Latin America is especially valuable for students who plan to work in education, international organizations, government, social services, and business or for graduate studies related to Latin America.

For more information on the Latin American, Latinx and Caribbean studies minor (LALACS) contact: Lori Hopkins,


Curriculum & Requirements

Students can complete the minor by selecting any five courses (20 credits) representing at least three disciplines.

HIST 532Modern Latin America 14
Minimum of high-intermediate level proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese. Select from the following:0-4
SPAN 504
Intermediate Spanish II
PORT 504
Intermediate Portuguese II
equivalent courses or equivalent testing
Elective courses12-16

Enrollment in these five courses must follow the guidelines below to count for the minor:

  1. At least three courses must be taken in residence.
  2. All coursework required for the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better.
  3. Courses for the minor may not be taken pass/fail.

Academic study in Latin America is strongly recommended: Speak with faculty to help you find the study abroad program that best fits your interests. UNH and its affiliates offer several short- and long-term programs throughout Latin America.

Elective Course List

Students should consult with an advisor or the course instructor to ensure that the majority of this coursework concentrates on Latin America.

ANTH 500Peoples and Cultures of the World (Topic: Latin America)4
ANTH 501World Archaeological Cultures (Topic: Mesoamerica)4
ANTH 674Archaeological Survey and Mapping in Belize4
CMN 515Analysis of News4
ECON 668Economic Development4
ECON #669Women and Economic Development4
ENGL 650Studies in American Literature and Culture (Topic: Latina/o Literature)4
GEOG 796Special Topics (Topic: Geography of Narcotics)4
HIST 425Foreign Cultures (Topic: Women in Latin America)4
HIST 532Modern Latin America4
HIST 632Latin American History: Topics4
LING 790Special Topics in Linguistics Theory (Topic: Sustainable Languages)4
POLT 403United States in World Affairs4
POLT 548Drug Wars4
POLT 565United States Policy in Latin America4
POLT 795Advanced Study (Topic: The Politics of Poverty)1-4
PORT 526Introduction to Portuguese-speaking Cultures through Film4
SPAN 526Introduction to Latin American Cultures4
SPAN 631Advanced Conversation and Composition I4
SPAN 632Advanced Conversation and Composition II4
SPAN 641Spanish Phonetics4
SPAN 647Hispanic Cultural Studies4
SPAN 648The Hispanic World Today4
SPAN 650Hispanic Literature and Popular Culture4
SPAN 653Introduction to Latin American Literature and Thought4
SPAN 654Introduction to Latin American Literature and Thought4
SPAN 797Topics in Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies4
SPAN 798Topics in Hispanic Linguistics and Cultural Studies4
SW 697Special Topics in Social Welfare (Topic: Social Action in the Dominican Republic)4
SW 797Special Topics in Social Welfare (Topic: Social Action in the Dominican Republic)4

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