Lucia Montas

Lecturer of Spanish
Office: Languages, Literatures, & Cultures, Murkland Hall Rm 210G, Durham, NH 03824
headshot of Lucia Montas

Lucía M. Montás research focuses on contemporary Latin American literature with an emphasis on
Caribbean women writers. Her dissertation: "La ciudad de las letradas: Reescribiendo
Santo Domingo en la narrativa femenina urbana dominicana del nuevo milenio", examines the
representation of the city and everyday urban life in texts written by contemporary Dominican
female writers, such as Ángela Hernández, Emilia Pereyra, Emelda Ramos, Aurora Arias and
Rita Indiana Hernández. The works studied portray the city of Santo Domingo during its urban
transformation throughout the twentieth century and discuss how the urban crisis has altered the
city politically, economically, socially and culturally. These Dominican women writers imagine
and depict the city of Santo Domingo by redefining the urban model and expressing social
criticism through the themes of gentrification, violence, memory and social inequality. The
unifying thread of this dissertation is the theoretical concept of the “Right to the City” (1968)
proposed by Henri Lefebvre that has been reinterpreted in recent years to consider issues such as
gender and identity. Drawing on my coursework in social theory my interdisciplinary theoretical
framework intersects with Geography, Urban Studies, Feminism, Queer Studies, and Sociology.


  • Ph.D., Hispanic Studies, University of Kentucky
  • M.A., Hispanic Studies, University of Kentucky
  • M.A., Spanish Literature, University of Florida
  • B.A., Spanish, University of Florida

Research Interests

  • 20th century Catalan literature
  • Contemporary Caribbean literature and cultures
  • Contemporary Latin American literature
  • Cultural geography
  • Spanish language
  • Urban and spatial studies
  • Women's literature and gender studies

Courses Taught

  • SPAN 503: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 504: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 526: Intro to Latin American Cult

Selected Publications

Montas, L. (2019). “Literatura urbana femenina: La ciudad de Santo Domingo en Cóctel con frenesí y La estrategia de chochueca”. Cuadrivium: Revista del Departamento de Español UPR Humacao., 13.

Montas, L. (n.d.). Intersections of Urban Violence in the Dominican Novel "Cóctel con frenesí.” .. Voces del Caribe: Revista de Estudios Caribeños, 9(1). Retrieved from

Montas, L. (n.d.). “Charamicos: Bildungsroman femenino aprendizaje político a través de la memoria histórica.”. The Coastal Review, 3(3). Retrieved from