The Justice Studies Program offers two internship courses for credit, JUST 601, Internship, and JUST 602, Research Internship.


Most placements deal directly with the legal system. Possible placements include police departments (state and local), juvenile service agencies, district courts, probation and parole offices, various correctional institutions and programs, prosecutors' offices, and public defenders' offices. Those interested in pursuing an internship with the state police or a federal agency must contact the Justice Studies Office well in advance. It must be understood that these internships are subject to availability. It can take up to two semesters to plan such internships due to the extensive background checks conducted by these agencies. Please contact the office at 862-1716 if you are interested in one of these internships.


Justice Studies internships are open to seniors only. In the case of summer placements, students should have completed their junior year. Students who have previously interned or have been employed by the justice system are NOT ELIGIBLE to count this experience for Justice Studies credit. If you have already completed or are involved in another internship through the University, you cannot double-count credits for the Justice Studies Program (this MUST be a new position for the student).


The Justice Studies internships are limited to 4 credits. Students should expect to spend between 12 and 15 hours per week at their placement.

Course Requirements

In addition to hours spent working in the field, students are required to attend a weekly class meeting, keep an activity journal and complete weekly assignments relating to their placements.

Registration Procedure

Enrollment in JUST 601/602 is by permission only. Permission is granted only after attending the Mandatory Internship Information Meeting and meeting with Professor Eckstein to discuss your internship options. The informational meeting will be held a few weeks before registration to answer any questions about the program. At this meeting, a time will be set for the student to discuss possible internships and placement procedures. Each student interested in the internship should plan on attending this meeting. The meeting will be advertised on the Campus Calendar, Justice Studies Webpage, via flyers posted around campus and by email.


JUST 601 Internship Agreement and Form

JUST 602 Research Internship Agreement and Form