Scratching the Surface: Edith Loring Peirce Getchell and the American Etching Revival

On view February 27 - May 13, 2023

  • a tonal etching showing broken boats on scrubby grass under trees

Sratching the Surface: Edith Loring Peirce Getchell and the American Etching Revival, a student-curated exhibition. Scratching the Surface explores the career of Edith Loring Peirce Getchell (1855¬1940), who was considered one of the finest etchers of the American Etching Revival (1850-1930). Her landscapes were esteemed for their subtle surface tone and sensitivity of line: Getchell specialized in depicting the moody and atmospheric landscapes of the American Northeast.

This exhibition is curated by Museum of Art Fellowship students Erin McKeen ‘24, Ember Nevins ’24, and Nikki Tredwell ‘23. It presents etchings by Edith Loring Peirce Getchell and her contemporaries drawn from the collection of the Museum of Art.

Tonal etching of pond. a tree stands at the edge of the land surrounded by tall grasses and water on three sides.
tonal etching of an apple tree in the foreground right, a winding path to the left that leads to two more apple trees in the background left.
Tonal etching of tree trunks in heavily wooded area of forest


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