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North American Research Group in Ancient Myth and Mythography

The NARGAMM Working Papers in myth and mythgography aims at making available the most current research on the subject. Anyone may submit the paper to one of the directors, but encourage all those who submit to become a member of NARGAMM.

Authors are asked to create a PDF of their paper and to submit it through the form below.

These papers are pre-publication version of articles, book chapters, and reviews. Papers offered here are in-progress, under consideration, or forthcoming, and are offered on this site by the author as-is. They are not refereed, nor is the quality guaranteed by the directors of NARGAMM or the University of New Hampshire. It is our policy to keep all working papers posted unless otherwise notified by the author(s). Copyright to papers posted here remains with the authors. Users of this site may download papers for their own personal use. The redistribution of the papers is forbidden without the written consent of the authors. Upon publication, copyright may transfer to the publisher. It is the author's responsibility to request to have the paper removed from this site.
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