University Committee on International Studies (UCIS)

The UCIS meets as needed to facilitate campus-wide engagement and decision-making on policy and program matters concerning the International Affairs Dual Major and Minor programs, thereby facilitating campus internationalization efforts.  The committee also oversees the New Hampshire International Seminar.


UCIS, chaired by the IA Program Chair, consists of the following members: IA teaching faculty and faculty representatives from each of the colleges. The Global Education Center is represented by the Associate Vice Provost for International Programs. Minutes are kept by the IA Program Support Assistant. The term of office for college representatives consists of a 2-year commitment with possible extensions.

2020-21 Members

Tom Safford - Committee Chair and International Affairs Program Director, Associate Professor of Sociology, COLA
Funso Afolayan – Associate Professor of History, COLA
John Hughes Clark - Professor of Earth Sciences and Ocean Engineering, CEPS
Smita Lahiri - Lecturer in Anthropology, COLA
Jun Li - Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Paul College
Jennifer Purrenhage - Senior Lecturer of Natural Resources and the Environment, COLSA
Jeannie Sowers - Professor of Political Science, COLA.
Maingi Solomon - Lecturer of Geography, COLA
Will Smiley - Assistant Professor in Classicc, Humanities, and Italian Studies, COLA
John DeJoie - Lecturer in Social Work, HHS
Kerryellen Vroman - Associate Vice Provost for International Programs



1.  The International Affairs Dual Major and Minor

  • Reviews and adopts policies concerning academic requirements, standards, and curriculum.
  • Plans future growth and development of the major.
  • Reviews and approves published documents regarding the programs.
  • Supports departmental faculty advising for IA programs.
  • Engages in outreach and advocacy in departments and in the colleges for the IA program.
  • Reviews IA program student petitions deemed by IA advisors to involve substantive policy changes.

2.  The New Hampshire International Seminar

  • Supports the IA Program Chair and the Director of Global Initiatives in planning the New Hampshire International Seminar.

By-laws revisions adopted by unanimous vote, May 5, 2016. Updated Feb. 13, 2018.