Granite State Poll

The Granite State Poll is the flagship political poll of the UNH Survey Center. The Granite State Poll is a quarterly statewide survey of New Hampshire residents that focuses on pressing federal and state issues as well as upcoming election matchups. 

Granite State Poll

Election Polls

The Survey Center conducts polls for a number of organizations on national and New Hampshire elections.

Election Poll releases

New Hampshire Primary

The Survey Center regularly conducts polls on the New Hampshire Primary. 

New Hampshire Primary press releases

Portland Press Herald Poll

In recent years, the Survey Center has conducted polling of Maine residents for the Portland Press Herald.

Portland Press Herald Poll press releases

The New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study

The Survey Center conducts an ongoing research project for the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. 

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The Boston Globe Poll

The Survey Center conducted polling for the Boston Globe newspaper on topics of importance to their readers, including Massachusetts elections, economics, and transportation, as well as national issues. The Survey Center has conducted Massachusetts statewide, Boston citywide and New Hampshire Presidential Primary polls for the Boston Globe. 
Boston Globe press releases