States of Opinion Project

States of Opinion Project

The States of Opinion Project is an effort by the UNH Survey Center to gather and understand the opinions of residents in all six New England states. The Survey Center has built a probability-based web panel in each state and has randomly selected and recruited panelists through phone, text-to-web, and mail-to-web surveys.

For Clients

The Survey Center has conducted projects using these web panels for a number of clients across many different sectors, including state and federal agencies, private companies, not-for-profit organizations, and state and national news media sources.

In addition to working with individual clients on standalone polling projects, the UNH Survey Center also regularly conducts omnibus surveys in which interested groups, agencies, or organizations can purchase one or more questions. In this way, fixed costs are shared.

Reports on the Survey Center’s own public opinion research questions are made available to legislators, members of the executive branch, and other key government officials dealing with public policy as well as the media. Of course, any proprietary data collected on behalf of a client is held in strict confidence by the Survey Center.

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For Participants

The States of Opinion Project’s web panels provide residents in all six New England states with an opportunity to express their opinions on a variety of important public policy and political topics by periodically receiving short surveys via email. Each survey completed will enter you into a quarterly drawing to earn rewards, such as e-gift cards from statewide and internet companies.

Panel members are recruited randomly from phone numbers and addresses across the region. Invitations to participate are intended only for the recipient themselves and may not be forwarded to anyone else. To maintain the representative nature of the panel, we can only enroll those who have received an invitation. If you are interested in participating, please keep an eye out for a possible phone call, text message, or mailing from the UNH Survey Center.

If you would like more information, please see our FAQ page or contact Panel Coordinator Sean McKinley (

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