Departmental Honors

Departmental Honors Program

The Departmental Honors program gives students an opportunity to work closely with faculty members, to explore their anthropological interests at a deeper level, and to develop skills that will be useful in graduate school or in the professional world. Honors status is indicated on the diploma and signifies academic excellence to future employers or graduate school admissions committees.

The Departmental Honors program allows students to further challenge themselves by pursuing an ambitious set of classes and projects within their major. Upon completion of the requirements, a student is eligible to graduate with "Honors in Selected Major" designation. Students wishing to participate in the Departmental Honors program option (a 16-credit program) should contact the Honors Program Office.  Information describing the UNH Honors Programs is available on the UHP website.

Departmental Honors Requirements
  • Maintainenance of a minimum 3.40 GPA in overall coursework and 3.40 GPA in major coursework
  • 2 honors-designated anthropology courses at the 600- or 700-level.  Intensive contact with the instructor and additional reading, research, and writing will be required of honors students.
  • ANTH 699H Senior Thesis (8 cr.). Students will pursue a two-semester sequence of independent work in the library or field under the direction of their faculty adviser, and conlude by the student-presentation of an honors colloquium submission of a written thesis.  (Note: Although 8 credits may be used to satisfy the Honors-in-Major requirement, only 4 credit hours of ANTH 699H may be used to fulfill the Anthropology Major 600-level course requirement). (See thesis guidelines under Guidelines and Handbook.)
To Declare Departmental Honors

Eligible students who are interested in the program need to Register as an Departmental Honors student on the Honors website.

Once approved, students should contact their Anthropology Advisor to plan their Anthropology Honors courses and ANTH 699H: Honors Senior Thesis.