Advising and Registration


All majors should choose an advisor upon acceptance to the program.  If you are already accepted to the program and are unsure of who your advisor is, please email the Anthropology Department Administrative Assistant, Anne Torres.

Any of the following professors may act as an advisor:

You will need to meet with your advisor before registering for the upcoming semester (see below). You will also need your advisor's signature when you add or drop courses, change or add a declared major or minor, declare your intent to graduate, and so on. In addition, you are encouraged to meet with your advisor when you wish to discuss career choices, graduate programs, plans of study, and academic problems or concerns. The best time to speak with your advisor is during his or her regularly scheduled office hours. However, you may make specific appointments. Do not assume that your advisor will be available to meet with you any time you drop by. Faculty have many teaching, service, and research responsibilities that regularly take them away from their on-campus offices.


You will need to meet with your advisor at least once per semester in order to discuss your course choices for the upcoming semester and to receive your registration access code, or RAC number. If you have more than one major, RAC numbers are given to your first-major advisor. Course offerings for upcoming semesters will be posted during the middle of the current semester. Check course offerings, Webcat on myUNH portal and/or the Registrar's Office site for course listings and registration information. Registration for fall semesters typically occurs in April. Registration for spring semesters typically occurs in November.