Departmental Honors

Women's Studies

The Honors-in-Women’s and Gender Studies program is one in which distinguished women’s and gender studies majors complete an ambitious set of classes and projects. It provides students the opportunity to undertake exciting and original projects and work closely with one or more faculty members. It can also provide excellent training for graduate work!

Completing the Honors-in-Women’s and Gender Studies program requirements will give you the opportunity to graduate "With Honors." You do not have to be enrolled in the University Honors Program (a 32-credit program) to undertake the Honors-in-Women’s and Gender Studies program (a 16-credit program).  

Requirements for Honors-in-Women’s and Gender Studies program

  1. Students who have entered the University in fall 2014 and in subsequent years must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40 and your in-major GPA must be 3.40 or above. Students enrolled prior to fall 2014 date need a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.20. 
  2. Complete an honors component, to consist of additional readings, research and writing, in any three 500-, 600-, and 700-level courses in women’s and gender studies (no more than one at 500-level). The Honors Designation Form should be filled out by you and your instructor(s) before registration and submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the third Friday of the semester in which you take the course(s). More information about honors designation for students.
  3. Complete a 4-credit or an 8-credit honors thesis (WS 799H). Prerequisite: Any 700-level women’s and gender studies course for honors credit (may be taken concurrently). The student would work closely with an honors senior thesis adviser. The honors senior thesis adviser and the regular faculty adviser should check in with the coordinator of the Women's and Gender Studies Program and the Honors-in-Women's Studies program liaison before finalizing the agreement with the student. The thesis will be presented orally to a student/faculty colloquium.

For more detailed information, please follow the link below or contact Professor Svetlana Peshkova, Honors-in-Women’s and Gender Studies program liaison. Students should meet with Professor Peshkova during the registration period to make sure they are satisfying all requirements.