Scholarships and Awards

Women's and Gender Studies Awards & Scholarships

Women’s and gender studies students are well-placed to win many campus awards. Given our close advising relationships, our advisors work with students to research and access a wide variety of University and off-campus forms of support and recognition.

2019-2020 Award Winners


UNiversity Awards 
  • Create Your Own Story Award: Michael Newell 

  • The Kidder Fund Award: Taryn Duncan  

  • Jere A Chase Service Award: Hayden McDermott 

  • Helen Duncan Jones Award: Loryn Camp 

  • Parents Association Award: Evan England 

  • NH Compact President’s Leadership Award: Hayden McDermott 

  • Global Leadership Summit Awardee: Aliya Sarris  

  • Judge William W. Treat Fellowship: Eliezer Morse 20-21 

  • Judge William W. Treat Fellowship: Delaney Ripley 20-21 

  • Judge William W. Treat Fellowship: Taryn Duncan 20-21 

  • Phi Beta Kappa: TBA

Women's and Gender Studies Awards 
  • TBA


  • NH Compact President’s Stewardship Award: Avary Thorne 

Past Winners