Scholarships and Awards

Women's and Gender Studies Awards & Scholarships

Women’s and gender studies students are well-placed to win many campus awards. Given our close advising relationships, our advisors work with students to research and access a wide variety of University and off-campus forms of support and recognition.

2021-2022 Award Winners


UNiversity Awards 
  • The Kidder Fund Student Award: Sydney Herzig-Deribin

  • Governor Wesley Powell Award: Zoie Haskell
  • Jere A. Chase Service Award: Eliezer Morse 
  • University Award of Excellence: Delaney Ripley 
  • University Award of Excellence: Erika Schofield 
  • Judge William W. Treat Fellowship: TBD

  • Phi Beta KappaAnabel Parsons, Jackie Harris, Aliya Sarris, Katherine Legier

Women's and Gender Studies Awards 
  • Ursula Robinson Daley ‘93 Women’s Studies Scholarship: Bella Foltz-Smith
  • Ursula Robinson Daley ‘93 Women’s Studies Scholarship: Megan Kimball
  • Ursula Robinson Daley ‘93 Women’s Studies Scholarship: Nathan Maybach
  • Barbara Anne White Scholarship: Zoie Haskell
  • Barbara Anne White Scholarship: Madison Tingle
  • Malcom and Virginia Prize: Sophie Baker


Past Winners