Scholarships and Awards

Women's and Gender Studies Awards & Scholarships

Women’s and gender studies students are well-placed to win many campus awards. Given our close advising relationships, our advisors work with students to research and access a wide variety of University and off-campus forms of support and recognition.

2020-2021 Award Winners


UNiversity Awards 
  • Create Your Own Story Award: Hannah Rubin

  • Create Your Own Story Award: Taryn Duncan

  • The Kidder Fund Student AwardMorgan Martin 

  • Sharon Murphy Scholarship: Macy Broderick 

  • Erskine Mason Award:  Kacie Snyder

  • Governor Wesley Powell Award:  Loryn Camp 
  • NH Compact President’s Leadership Award: Taryn Duncan 

  • Judge William W. Treat Fellowship: Eliezer Morse 22-22

  • Judge William W. Treat Fellowship: Delaney Ripley 22-22

  • Judge William W. Treat Fellowship: Caitlin Turner 21-22

  • Judge William W. Treat Fellowship: Zoie Haskell 22-22 

  • Phi Beta Kappa: Loryn Camp, Jillian Lynch and Eliezer Morse

  • J. GREGG SANBORN SCHOLARSHIP- Sydney Herzig-Deribin 

Women's and Gender Studies Awards 
  • Ursula Robinson Daley ‘93 Women’s Studies Scholarship: Addy Kennamer

  • Womens Studies Scholarship: Laney Meldrum

  • Barbara Anne White Scholarship: Jillian Lynch

  • Barbara Anne White Scholarship: Madison Tingle

  • Barbara Anne White Scholarship: Eliezer Morse 

  • Barbara Anne White Scholarship: Sydney Herzig-Deribin 

  • Malcom and Virginia Prize: Emmalyn Casteris


  • Five of our faculty won UNH Gold Sustainability Awards: Robin Hackett, Sharyn Potter, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Svetlana Peshkova and Siobhan Senier

  • Marla Brettschneider has received a fellowship with the Hadassah-Brandeis Instituteto complete a book manuscript on Jewish feminist thinkers.

  • Sharyn Potter continues to win major grant funding for her work on sexual assault prevention strategies, including almost $2M total from the National Science Foundation.

  • Stephanie Harzewski was interviewed by ELLE magazine about the TV series Bridgerton

  • Barbara Peterson has joined a major new project with the Albert Einstein Institution to develop tools that help people formulate effective, successful nonviolent direction action campaigns.

  • Chanda Prescod-Weinstein had a banner year, winning the American Physical Society 2021 Edward A. Bouchet Award and the 2021 Women in Science at Yale Distinguished Woman Scientist Award. She’s also garnering attention with her riveting book, The Disordered Cosmos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime, and Dreams Deferred.

Past Winners