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Spring 2020 Department Documents 

Spring 2020 Women's and Gender Studies Cross-Counted Time and Room Schedule of Course Offerings - updated 12/12/2019

Spring 2020 WGS Feminist Certificate Courses (GRAD) - updated 12/19/2019
Spring 2020 Queer Studies Minor Courses - Update 10/29/2019

J-term 2020- Updates 11/12/2019






















Cross-Counted (Interdisciplinary) Courses

A cross-counted course is a course which the Women’s Studies Program has approved as counting towards the major or minor degree in Women’s Studies and which WS has agreed to advertise and recommend to students.

Archive Department Documents

Fall 2019 Women's Studies and Cross-Counted Time and Room Schedule of Course Offerings- updated 08-22-2019

Fall 2019 Queer Studies Minor Courses - updated 4/12/2019