Svetlana Peshkova

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Core Faculty in Women's Studies
Office: Anthropology, Huddleston Hall Rm 315, Durham, NH 03824
Svetlana Peshkova

Svetlana Peshkova is a socio-cultural anthropologist and a scholar of Islam. Her research interests include Gender and Islam; Feminisms in post-Socialist space; Decolonialism; Muslim women leaders; Islamic education; Transnational Islamic Movements; and Indigenous History of New Hampshire. Svetlana holds BA and MA (1995, 1996, Linguistics) from Pyatigorsk State University in Russia; MA (1999, Theological Studies) from Candler School of Theology at Emory University (Atlanta, GA); MA (2001, Television, Radio, and Film) from Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY); and a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies and Ph.D. (2006, Anthropology) from Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY). Svetlana published a book, Women, Islam, and Identity: Public Life in Private Spaces in Uzbekistan, and several theoretical and ethnographic articles and book chapters about Muslim women leaders, Islamic education, identity, social movements, and reproductive health.


  • Ph.D., Anthropology, Syracuse University
  • M.A., Pyatigorsk State University of Linguistics
  • M.A., Syracuse University
  • MTS, Emory University

Research Interests

  • Asian Studies
  • Cultural/Social Anthropology
  • Culture--Gender and Sexuality
  • Gender Differences
  • Gender Equality
  • Gender Roles
  • Islamic Studies

Courses Taught

  • ANTH 440B: Honors/Saving Culture
  • ANTH 500: Peoples & Cultures/Mid East
  • ANTH 513: Ethnographic Methods
  • ANTH 640: Anthropology of Islam
  • ANTH 697: Spc Top/Indigenous New England
  • ANTH 700: Internship
  • ANTH 750: Islam and Gender
  • ANTH 796: Reading and Research
  • WS 796: Advanced Topics

Selected Publications

Peshkova, S. (2014). Women, Islam, and Identity Public Life in Private Spaces in Uzbekistan. Syracuse University Press.