London Program Directorship FAQs

What does the London Program On-Site Directorship entail?

The London Program On-Site Directorship is a spring semester position based at Regent’s University London. The on-site director’s duties include:

  • Teaching two UNH courses in London, COLA 653/Introduction to British Culture, and COLA 670/ The London Project to all UNH London Program students;
  • Supervising, supporting, advising, and leading excursions for UNH London Program students;
  • Serving as liaison between UNH, Regent’s, and UNH London Program students in case of emergency;
  • Recruiting students for the London Program by working with the UNH London Program Director and COLA Study Abroad. Efforts include attending the COLA Study Abroad Fair and all information and predeparture meetings, classroom visits, and communicating with interested students;
  • Manage London Program expenses through COLA’s Business Services Center.

What is Regent's University like?

Regent's University London is one of Britain’s six private universities. Nestled in the southwest corner of Regent’s Park, it is an oasis of green and calm just blocks from Marylebone Road and the city’s bustle. A 5-minute walk away is Baker Street Station, which provides transportation to all points in London and beyond. Best of all, the campus is within easy walking distance to many of the city’s delights — from West End theatres to museums to great parks, restaurants, and shops. The campus has 24-7 security; no one is allowed on the premises without permission.

Regent’s student body is a blend of international students, British students, and US study abroad students. The only dormitory, Reid Hall, is home to 400 residents, primarily study abroad students.  The University comprises a variety of schools, or programmes as the UK system defines them, including Business Management, Fashion & Design, Film, Media & Performance, Liberal Arts & Humanities, and Psychotherapy & Psychology. UNH students take three Regent’s courses, most of which are in the Liberal Studies programme. If their schedules and enrollments permit, UNH students are welcome to take courses in other schools.

How many UNH students attend the London Program?

The number varies, but the minimum is 25 UNH students.

Where does the London Program On-Site Director live?

The UNH London Program pays for a flat for the director, and historically that has been the on-campus Oliver Faculty Flat. The third floor Oliver Faculty Flat has one-bedroom, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom. The flat is fully furnished and comes equipped with a landline, TV, wifi, and printer-copier.  If the Oliver Faculty Flat isn’t available, another furnished accommodation with easy access to campus will be provided.

What is the time frame?

The London Program on-site director will arrive in London in early January, preferably two weeks before the students land, to acclimate and become familiar with both the city and the university. The director is expected to stay in London through the semester and not leave until after all UNH students have departed Regent’s, which occurs between mid to late May. 

Will I need a visa?

No. US citizens are permitted to enter the UK without a visa for a visit of under six months. Consequently, UNH London Program on-site directors who are US citizens should not plan to reside in the UK for more than six months and should arrive in the UK with documents verifying their return flight details with dates.

What are the travel opportunities?

While school is in session, the on-site director is expected to be available to UNH students. Weekend trips are allowed if: 1) the on-site director is able to return to London within three hours in case of emergency; 2) the on-site director notifies UNH students of his/her travel plans; and 3) the on-site director is available at all times by phone. During the two-week Easter break and when classes are not in session, the on-site director can travel at will.

What will the London Program pay for?

The London Program will pay the following expenses for the on-site director:

  • A single round-trip ticket between London and Boston;
  • Lodging;
  • UK monthly mobile phone plan (on-site directors are required to have a UK phone number);
  • Office-type expenses related to the program (e.g. printer cartridges);
  • Program excursions;
  • The on-site director receives his/her UNH salary.

Non-reimbursable expenses include:

  • Food, except for meals and snacks for UNH London Program students;
  • Transportation costs in London;
  • Gym membership;
  • Personal expenses related to living abroad.

What are the tax implications of living abroad?

Since the on-site director is abroad when taxes are due in April, we suggest consulting with an accountant or financial advisor for advice on how and when to file.

How expensive is London?

London is an expensive city. No question. You may leave a supermarket or dinner out paying 25-percent or more than for the equivalent in the states. But the good news is that options abound; out of London’s 11,000 restaurants, many fall within the affordable range. Farmers markets and street food vendors are scattered in neighborhoods throughout the city. And while a movie ticket will empty a wallet, other entertainment options are not budget-busters. Theatre and music tickets, even for the most coveted performances, are much less than their New York counterparts and often smaller venues sell tickets for less than the price of an entrée. Without spending a pence, you can enjoy museums and royal parks and lunchtime concerts at St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Most important to remember is that London is an eminently walkable city; delights are found every time one wanders out the door. And when ready to leave the city, flights to Europe are easily accessed and cheap with discount airlines and early morning flights. British Rail offers a variety of discount passes, most of which cut the price of a rail ticket by one-third. The exchange rate fluctuates; As of this writing (July 2018) it hovers at $1.49 to one British pound.  

Other questions?

Please contact UNH London Program Director Sue Hertz at