England: UNH London Program

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Spring Semester Study Abroad Program

Courses in British studies, the arts, humanities, social sciences, business, and a wide range of other subjects at Regent’s University London.

Come to London and study in the heart of a great city. The University of New Hampshire invites sophomores, juniors, and seniors from colleges and universities in New Hampshire to come to central London and take courses in British studies, the arts, and an exceptionally wide range of other basic subjects during the spring semester. The site of the UNH London Program is Regent's University London, a center for international study abroad that houses, among others, this special UNH program. The program is designed to enable a student to spend a semester in the United Kingdom while making normal progress toward a U.S. degree.

The UNH London Program provides students the unique opportunity to spend a semester studying in the heart of London while making progress towards their degree. Benefits include:

  • Live and study in Regent's Park - the center of London and a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
  • Earn 17 credits and satisfy Discovery, major, and minor credits
  • Housing and meals included
  • Become part of a diverse international student body
  • Spend an unforgettable term in one of the world's most exciting, diverse, and impressive cities

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Program dates

January 22nd - May 10th, 2024

Information Session

Tuesday, March 26, 12:45-1:45pm, Horton 201

Wednesday, April 17, 7:00-8:00 by this Zoom Link

EARLY Application Deadline

May 1, 2023

Application Deadline

Sept 30, 2023

Deposit Deadline

September 1, 2023 (for early admits)
October 15, 2023 (for regular admits)

Predeparture Meetings

October 25, 5:30 PM - Horton Hall 201

December 4, 5:30 PM - Horton Hall 201

How to apply Financial Aid/scholarships


Julia Rodriguez
Professor of History
UNH London Program Director
Email: julia.rodriguez@unh.edu

Mike Merrill
Education Abroad Advisor/Program Manager
Global Education Center, Conant Hall 310
Email: michael.merrill@unh.edu

Non-UNH students are welcome to apply. 

At the time of application, all students are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • At least 12 credits earned at UNH
    • Freshmen students not meeting the 12-credit requirement may be allowed to participate in the program. Approval is needed from both the Program Faculty Director. Contact the COLA Center for Study Abroad for guidance.
  • A declared major
  • A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
    • Students who do not have a declared major or who have an established GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 may still apply. Admission will be at the discretion of the program faculty director.
  • Good standing with the Student Conduct System
    • A student who is on probation, regardless of the underlying violation, must successfully petition through the Academic Standards and Advising Committee (ASAC) for permission to participate. Students who have had a past violation will also be required to petition. Please contact your Dean’s Office for more guidance and the petition form, if needed.


Spring 2024

  • Mandatory Orientation Meetings at UNH:
    • October 25th, 5:30 PM Horton Hall 201
    • December 4th, 5:30 PM Horton Hall 201
  • Regent's Schedule:
  • Spring 2024 schedule


Regent's University London

London view from the sky

Regent's University London is one of the UK's most respected independent universities and one of the most internationally diverse, with students from more than 140 different countries worldwide. Situated in the heart of Regent’s Park in central London, the main quadrangle of classrooms is surrounded by halls of residence, lawns and tennis courts. Beyond this lie the gardens and lakes of the beautiful Royal Park. This peaceful environment is only a few minutes away from the financial centre of London, the West End and the many attractions of this exciting European city

logo of Regent's University London

As members of UNH's London Program, students will take courses alongside UNH and other international students through Regent's Liberal Studies Programme which offers coursework in a wide selection of disciplines. UNH London Program students will reside in University housing (subject to availability and determined on a first come, first served basis) and will take most meals in the University refectory.

View of Courtyard

Faculty Directors

  • Professor Julia Rodriguez, Professor of History, is the spring Program Director for the London Program.
  • Professor Catherine Moran, Professor of Sociology is the spring On-Site Faculty Director for the London Program.


UNH London Program students will take 5 courses for a total of 17 credits. This includes two mandatory classes taught by the UNH faculty resident director (COLA 653 and COLA 670) and three courses as chosen from the Regent's University Liberal Studies Programme. A student's semester course load will look like the following:

  1. COLA 653: Introduction to British Culture (4 credits). Required, taught by the UNH faculty resident director. Description: Why do the British say “Sorry” for everything? What is the role of the monarchy?  Does the British class system still exist? What is it like being British-born of Indian parents? How many languages are spoken in London? What is a stiff upper lip anyway? These are only a tiny fraction of the questions that will surface during your stay in London. Through class discussions, readings, written ruminations, and excursions, you will in this course explore a range of cultural elements and challenges unique to the United Kingdom in general and London in particular, from the light (British etiquette) to the substantial (the impact of immigration). 


  1. COLA 670: The London Project (4 credits). Required, taught by the UNH faculty resident director. Description: The London Project, a new 4-credit course, will guide students through the research, writing/producing, and presentation of a project that explores one very narrow slice of London. The goal is to allow each student to gain insight and understanding of a subject that intrigues him/her and to present findings in a form that is appropriate for the subject and the talents of the author. Those forms could range from an academic research paper, a piece of creative writing, a multimedia slide show, a video, a podcast, or perhaps a Power Point presentation. Depending on the subject’s complexity and form, students may choose to work solo or in teams of two. 


3-5) Two to three Regent's University courses (9-10 total credits). See below for options.

Courses offered at Regent's University London are taught primarily by British faculty. Many are specifically concerned with British studies; others often have a special British emphasis. Where appropriate, all capitalize on the local resources (museums, galleries, theatres, sites) that are available for first-hand study.

Regent's University courses count as transfer credit. This means that 1) you must attain at least a C to obtain credit at UNH, and 2) although your grade will appear on your transcript it will not affect your UNH GPA. Courses taught by UNH faculty are considered UNH credit and do impact your GPA.

Regent's Course Options

Please click on the links below to find a list of provisionally available courses for the spring semester. Courses are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment. Note that we have provided pre-approved UNH Discovery categories and major requirement equivalencies. If a course does not have a UNH major or minor equivalency noted, you may still present it to the relevent UNH department for approval. 

Spring 2023 Course Offerings

Course Selection Process 

Applicants should discuss initial course offerings with advisors during the application process. All accepted students will be asked to complete a formal UNH Course Approval Form and Regent's University Application Form to finalize course preferences and obtain UNH approval of Regent's University course equivalencies. Within two weeks of arrival in London, students will receive a course schedule from Regent's University ("timetable").

Determining Course Equivalents

General guidance on course numbering:

  • 300 level courses are introductions to broad topics and are usually equivalent to UNH 401-type courses (Introduction to Philosophy, for example)
  • 400 level courses are introductory and open to all students, and comparable to UNH 400-level courses.
  • 500 level courses are open to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and qualified freshmen, and comparable to UNH 500-level courses.
  • 600 level courses are open to juniors, seniors, and other qualified students, and comparable to UNH 600 or 700-level courses. Some may have pre-requisites, so review the course descriptions carefully.

Courses have been pre-approved for UNH Discovery Category equivalencies as noted in the Course List attached above. Courses may also satisfy major and/or minor requirements. Students who wish to receive credit in their major or minor for courses taken at Regent's University London must seek formal approval from their major or minor advisor. 

Non-UNH students should check with the home university to be certain the courses are transferable there. All courses are fully accredited and transferable to UNH as credit towards graduation. Major or minor courses must be approved by the home department. General education courses have prior approval from the UNH Registrar's office.

Information for majors in...

London is one of the world's truly great cities. It's a bustling and modern economic hub with a population of over 9,000,000. It's one of the world's cultural capitals with legendary theatre and music scenes, and some of the greatest museums available. It's a political power center and a city with a rich historical legacy. It's a diverse urban environment with over 300 languages spoken by residents. London is all of these things and more.

The city is divided by the Thames River as it rambles its way eastwards into the North Sea. Famous bridges like the Waterloo, Tower, and London Bridges connect the north and south banks of the city. London is vast and stretches out over a huge expanse of ground. Historic sites like the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Globe Theatre, and Westminster Abbey are located along the Thames. Lush urban parks fill in sizeable portions of the city to the north and west including the famous Hyde Park, Regent's Park, and Primrose Hill. Distinct and endlessly interesting neighborhoods are nestled throughout the city from nightlife hubs of Soho and Covent Garden in the heart of London, to the posh and residential Kensington, hip and eclectic Brixton to the south, and Canary Wharf financial zone to the east. Students will get a taste for an exciting, complicated, and inspiring city so vast that it would take lifetimes to know.

Helpful Links

London Buildings and Thames River


Students participating in the UNH London Program in spring 2024 will pay the following on their UNH tuition bill (fees subject to change):

  • UNH Tuition
  • UNH Fees
    • Technology $100.50
    • Study Abroad Administration $200
    • International Health Insurance and Travel Assistance Plan: $150
  • Estimated London Program Fee $7,000
    • Covers tuition surcharge, triple room, meals, activities organized by the Resident Director

Note: Students must also pay a room damage deposit of $100, any refund of which is returned after the students return to the United States.

Cost Comparison between Durham and London

Spring 2024 (tuition and fees are subject to change by UNH)

UNH Durham Costs

UNH London Costs

UNH Tuition: In-State


UNH Tuition: In-State


UNH Tuition: Out-of-State


UNH Tuition: Out-of-State


UNH Mandatory Fees


 UNH Mandatory Fees


Triple Room


 London Program Fee (approximate, covers room & meals)


Meal Plan
(least expensive option)




Total: In-State


 Total: In-State


Total: Out-of-State


Total: Out-of-State


    Housing and Meals

    Regents dorm room

    Students live on the campus of Regent's University in shared triple dorm rooms. All rooms are furnished and feature limited storage and desk space for students. There are shared shower/bathroom and kitchen facilities available to students. Wireless internet is accessible throughout the campus. The campus is located in Regent's Park (Baker Street is the closest Tube station) and has a secure access entrance staffed 24/7. Students have access to some outdoor sporting facilities, a library, campus store, computer labs, counseling center, and cafes. 

    Regents meals

    All students will be provided with meal plan credit to pay for meals at Regent's University. The campus features a full dining hall and two cafes (including a Starbucks) where the meal plan credit can be used. The dining hall is closed for Saturday evening dinners.

    Other Inclusions

    Not Included

    • Airfare to and from London
    • Transportation within London
    • UK mobile phone (required)
    • Personal travel and spending money
    • Books or art supplies
    • Entry fees

    Payment Information and Refund Policy

    Accepted London Program students are required to make a $1,000 non-refundable deposit payment.

    View study abroad payment deadlines, cancellation and refund policy

    While we cannot guarantee complete security abroad (just like on campus in Durham) the University of New Hampshire and the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) make every effort to facilitate safe international student experiences. Please find below important information on health and safety-related resources, policies, and procedures. If you have additional questions, please contact the program faculty director or the COLA Center for Study Abroad.

    Travel to the UK

    • Program Location and Support. During the London J-Term program, students and faculty reside at the Astor Hyde Park Hostel in South Kensington, a centrally-located and well-maintained budget hotel. Program faculty accompany students on all program-related activities while in London. 
    • US Department of State Country Information
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Health Information for Travelers to  the UK
    • Emergency Contacts at UNH
      • COLA Center for Study Abroad: 603 862-3962 
      • International SOS (UNH Membership #11BCAS000009): 215 942-8478
      • UNH Police Dispatch (emergencies only): 603 862-1212
      • UNH SHARPP (Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention Program):  603 862-723
    • Additional Contacts
      • US Embassy in London: + 44 (0)20-7499-9000 (US-citizen emergency contact number)
      • UK Emergency Services: 112

    UNH Global health and safety information

    The London Program was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my time at UNH. London is an incredible, diverse hub of culture that allows access to the greater UK and Europe in a way other cities do not. The program itself allowed me to visit and learn about aspects of London I may not have sought out on my own that broadened my understanding of British culture and history while taking a variety of courses that could count toward my degree. I made so many connections from a number of backgrounds and learned so much about myself through my time in London, both in class and beyond. I can’t recommend the UNH in London Program enough!

    Clarissa Gowing, London 2023