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London Tower Bridge

January Term Study Abroad Program

3-week course on travel writing with 2 weeks in London.

J-Term 2022 Information Sheet

Travel Writing is for the adventurous. In three weeks, students will learn to navigate London, one of the world’s greatest cities, and craft compelling, vivid essays about what they’ve discovered. Through curiosity, research and writing they will transcend from tourist to traveler, gaining a confidence in their ability to master the unfamiliar as well as pen publishable stories about place.

The UNH London Experience allows students to spend two weeks engaging with one of the world's greatest cities through a creative writing course. Program benefits include:

  • Engage with London on a different level. Create effective travel writing based on your experience there.
  • Travel with an experienced UNH faculty member
  • Experience London! One of the most culturally diverse and fascinating cities in the world.
  • Independent experience: outside of mandatory in-class sessions, the program is designed to allow you to explore the city for your writing projects.
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Program dates

Dec. 28, 2021-Jan. 19, 2022 (1 week online, 2 weeks in London)

Information Session


Application Deadline

May 1st, 2021 (early application) September 30th, 2021

Deposit deadline

October 15, 2021

predeparture meeting

December, 2021

How to apply Financial Aid/scholarships


Sue Hertz
Associate Professor of English
London Travel Writing Program Director
Email: susan.hertz@unh.edu


At the time of application, all students are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • At least 12 credits earned at UNH
    • Freshmen students not meeting the 12-credit requirement may be allowed to participate in the program. Approval is needed from both the Program Faculty Director. Contact the COLA Center for Study Abroad for guidance.
  • A declared major
  • A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
    • Students who do not have a declared major or who have an established GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 may still apply. Admission will be at the discretion of the program faculty director.
  • Good standing with the Student Conduct System
    • A student who is on probation, regardless of the underlying violation, must successfully petition through the Academic Standards and Advising Committee (ASAC) for permission to participate. Students who have had a past violation will also be required to petition. Please contact your Dean’s Office for more guidance and the petition form, if needed.

Course pre-requisite: Prior to the start of the program, students should have completed either ENGL 501, 621 or 623. Students who have not taken any of these courses can contact the faculty director for permission to apply.


  • Dec. 28, 2021-Jan. 3, 2022: Online segment
  • Tue., Jan. 4, 2022: Students fly to London
  • Wed., Jan. 5, 2022: Students arrive in London, check in, intro meeting
  • Thurs., Jan. 6, 2022: Big Bus tour & welcome dinner
  • Fri. Jan 7, 2022 9:30-11:30 a.m.: Class. Students explore rest of day.
  • Sat., Jan. 8, 2022: Excursion TBD
  • Sun., Jan. 9, 2022: Excursion TBD
  • Mon.-Tues, Jan. 10-11 2022: 9:30-11:30 a.m. class.
  • Wed. Jan. 12, 2022: Class held at Victoria & Albert Museum. Attend Theater Production at night.
  • Thurs., Jan. 13, 2022: 9:30-11:30 a.m.: Class. Students explore rest of day.
  • Fri., Jan. 14, 2022: Day trip to Cambridge
  • Sat., Jan. 15, 2022: Open day: Portobello Market, Camden Market, Biking, etc.
  • Sun., Jan 16, 2022: Full day excursion outside of London, TBD
  • Mon.-Tues., Jan. 17-18, 2022: 9:30-11:30 a.m.: Class. Students explore rest of day.
  • Wed., Jan. 19, 2022: Last Class. Final Essay Due at 5 p.m. Group farewell dinner.  
  • Thurs., Jan. 20, 2022: Students fly home

England travel writing study abroad students


Faculty Leader

Professor Sue Hertz

Course Information

PRE-REQUISITE: ENGL 501 or 621 or 623, or permission of instructor. Students enroll in the 4-credit course ENGL 703/803 Travel Writing. Travel Writing begins with a week of online coursework in which students will study the craft of writing about place, pen their first essay, and read widely about London. By the time they arrive in the United Kingdom, they will have a firm idea of what they would like to explore.

Each weekday morning, the class will meet for a two-hour workshop. The rest of the day will be devoted to exploring and writing about London. A travel writer’s mission is not to see 108 attractions in 14 days. Instead, the goal is to research and observe a selection of sites and events thoroughly enough to write about them creatively and with authority.

London is one of the world's truly great cities. It's a bustling and modern economic hub of with a population of over 9,000,000. It's one of the world's cultural capitals with legendary theatre and music scenes, and some of the greatest museums available. It's a political power center and a city with a rich historical legacy. It's a diverse urban environment with over 300 languages spoken by residents. London is all of these things and more.

The city is divided by the Thames River as it rambles its way eastwards into the North Sea. Famous bridges like the Waterloo, Tower, and London Bridges connect the north and south banks of the city. London is vast and stretches out over a huge expanse of ground. Historic sites like the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Globe Theatre, and Westminster Abbey are located along the Thames. Lush urban parks fill in sizeable portions of the city to the north and west including the famous Hyde Park, Regent's Park, and Primrose Hill. Distinct and endlessly interesting neighborhoods are nestled throughout the city from nightlife hubs of Soho and Covent Garden in the heart of London, to the posh and residential Kensington, hip and eclectic Brixton to the south, and Canary Wharf financial zone to the east. Students will get a taste for an exciting, complicated, and inspiring city so vast that it would take lifetimes to know.

Helpful Links

London skyline and Thames River


The tuition for the program covers the 4-credit course, and the program fee covers 14 nights' lodging and breakfast, as well as a Big Bus Tour and 24-hour bus pass; two dinners; one theatre performance; and two day-long excursions outside London. The costs below are estimated and subject to change.

  Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
  NH Residents Non-NH Residents NH Residents Non-NH Residents
UNH J-Term Tuition (4 credits) $1,836 $2,024 $2,140 $2,360
Program Fee (estimated) $900 $900 $900 $900
UNH Technology & Registration Fees $46 $46 $46 $46
UNH Study Abroad Administrative Fee $100 $100 $100 $100
UNH International Health Insurance Fee $35 $35 $35 $35
Total Cost $2,917 $3,105 $3,221 $3,441

Housing & Meals

Students stay at the Meininger Hotel in South Kensington, one of the safest and poshest neighborhoods in London -- just steps away from Harrod’s and the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as tons of funky restaurants, book shops, Stella McCartney clothing, and a Lamborghini dealer. Breakfast is included.

Other Inclusions

Not Included

  • Application fee ($20)
  • Airfare to and from London
  • Most meals (breakfasts and two group dinners included)
  • Public transportation in London
  • Other travel
  • UK SIM card (required, but can be purchased in the UK for as little as $20)

Payment Info and Refund Policy

Accepted students must submit a $200 non-refundable program deposit to confirm a spot on the program.

View study abroad payment deadlines, cancellation and refund policy

While we cannot guarantee complete security abroad (just like on campus in Durham) the University of New Hampshire and the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) make every effort to facilitate safe international student experiences. Please find below important information on health and safety-related resources, policies, and procedures. If you have additional questions, please contact the program faculty director or the COLA Center for Study Abroad.

Travel to the UK

  • Program Location and Support. During the London J-Term program, students and faculty reside at the Astor Hyde Park Hostel in South Kensington, a centrally-located and well-maintained budget hotel. Program faculty accompany students on all program-related activities while in London. 
  • US Department of State Country Information
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Health Information for Travelers to  the UK
  • Emergency Contacts at UNH
    • COLA Center for Study Abroad: 603 862-3962 
    • International SOS (UNH Membership #11BCAS000009): 215 942-8478
    • UNH Police Dispatch (emergencies only): 603 862-1212
    • UNH SHARPP (Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention Program):  603 862-723
  • Additional Contacts
    • US Embassy in London: + 44 (0)20-7499-9000 (US-citizen emergency contact number)
    • UK Emergency Services: 112

UNH Global health and safety information

Travel Writing is for the adventurous. In three weeks, students will learn to navigate London, one of the world’s greatest cities, and craft compelling, vivid essays about what they’ve discovered. Through curiosity, research and writing they will transcend from tourist to traveller, gaining a confidence in their ability to master the unfamiliar as well as pen publishable stories about place. Read these examples of student writing to gain insight into the types of experiences and craft you will focus on through the London Travel Writing Program.

London Big Ben

As a group we got to see a lot of London (and Bath and Cambridge), but it was the amount of one-on-one time that we got with the city that meant the most to me. Considering we were only there for a few weeks and we had a solid schedule of outings and assignments, I feel like I still had plenty of time to visit and get to know the sections of the city that I liked best. Having that time to explore on my own made a relatively short trip feel a lot longer.

—Erin Mahoney, 2019

I would recommend the London J-term program to anyone who has always liked the idea of traveling the world but doesn’t know where to start. The program staff broke the logistics of international travel and the process of travel writing into manageable chunks. I was terrified to get on the plane to London, but by the end of the program, I felt not just comfortable but confident navigating the city on my own. I came out of J-term with long-form and social media content for my portfolio, plus some new friends. A warning: this program will give you the travel bug. I went back to London over the summer (staying in the same hostel) and am looking at going to grad school in the U.K.

—Grace Hanley, 2019

London Kings Crossing Platform 9 3/4

The London Travel Writing J-Term taught me how to be a traveler. It’s certainly not a passive experience, and that’s what I enjoyed most about the class. Professor Hertz combines classroom discussion, writing time, and independent excursions to create a really unique and fulfilling international experience. I made close friends that I still keep in touch with two years later—it’s incredible how much you can learn about each other when you travel, especially once you start reading each others’ writing. And London is a spectacular backdrop to any adventure. There’s a story in every travel experience, and this class will help you find it—just don’t forget to bring your umbrella.

—Hannah Drake, 2016

I am so grateful for my experience in the London J-Term class, as I don't think I would have ever convinced myself to travel outside of the country, let alone leave the Northeast. But here I am living on my own in Tennessee!

—Lane McDonough, 2015

London Eye and Thames River

Travel Writing in London takes classroom work and combines it with the living breathing classroom of London for a unique one of a kind course.  Prior to leaving for the UK, online classwork will teach you the aspects of travel writing and get you familiar with the city of London itself, which is extremely important once you get there since the time goes by really fast.  Once in London, part of the day is the classroom experience, where you get together as a group for writing exercises and to peer review the travel writing of your classmates.  The rest of the day is spend traversing the city of London not as a tourist but as a travel writer seeking that aspect that will become a piece.  By seeing London as a writer means that instead of just seeing the famous landmarks, which you will end up doing, you will also see the city on a different level and learn to express the experience so that others not only see what you did, but also feel your internal journey as well.  In addition, you will get to experience London through the eyes of your classmates as you peer review their pieces.  The aspects of writing that you learn will benefit journalism students, creative non-fiction students, and fiction students.  Not only will you grow and expand as a writer but you will meet new friends and create a memorable college experience.

—Ken Johnson, 2014

The J-term travel writing course was an unforgettable experience. In fact, I had such a wonderful time with Sue and my classmates, that I actually just purchased a flight to go back this coming August. I’ll even be staying at the same place we stayed for the course—the Meininger Hotel—as it was clean, safe, and had a prime location. If you’re a writer, the travel writing course is priceless. And if you’re not a writer, this trip will make you one! Seriously though, travel writing is the best J-term course to take. With just two weeks in the city, the coursework pushes you to get out there and make every minute count. You'll learn a lot, but most of it happens outside the classroom. Professor Hertz inspires you to immerse yourself in the city and culture, and as a result you’ll walk away with a couple polished travel pieces, and plenty of subject matter for future writing. I will honestly never forget my J-term trip to London, and neither will you!

—Shannon Reville, 2014