Semester Programs

Location Term Course Focus
London, England Spring Semester British studies, the arts, humanities, and a wide range of other subjects
Dijon, France Semester, Academic year,
or Summer
French language and other liberal arts courses at the Université de Bourgogne
Budapest, Hungary Spring Semester Study of Central European history and culture with a focus on either Justice Studies or Humanities
Granada, Spain Spring Semester Spanish and other disciplines

Summer Programs

Location Term Description
Belize Summer Four-week summer Archaeological Field School in Belmopan, Belize
Costa Rica Summer Six-week summer program in Spanish language and culture in San Joaquín de Flores, Costa Rica
Dijon, France Summer Four- or eight-week summer program in French language at the Centre International d'Etudes Françaises (CIEF)
Toulouse, France Summer Two-credit spring semester course followed by short-term travel to southwestern France with UNH faculty
Berlin, Germany Summer Five-week summer immersion program in German language and culture
Athens, Greece Summer Five-week summer program based in Athens and offering travel throughout Greece while studying history, art, politics, and philosophy
Dublin, Ireland Summer Two weeks remote followed by two weeks in Dublin Ireland focusing on literature and social identity in Ireland
Bologna, Italy Summer Six-week summer program introducing students to the history and contemporary culture of the city of Bologna
Russia Summer

Four- or eight-week summer program in Russian culture and history

January Term Programs

Location Term Description
Belize J-term Three-week January term course in Archaeological Survey and Mapping in Belize
Cuba J-term Discover Cuba is a ten-day intensive travel course focused on arts and culture. The progam is based in Havana. 
London, England J-term The London Experience- a ten-day experience of the theatre of London with insights into its politics, society, and culture as reflected in the arts
London, England J-term Three-week course in travel writing (one week online and two weeks in London)
Rome, Italy J-term Ten-day intensive course in and around Rome with a focus on either Ancient art and architecture or modern culture and society depending on course selection