Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid

Semester Programs

UNH allows federal, state, and institutional aid (except Work/Study) to transfer for all UNH-managed study abroad programs. As soon as the UNH Financial Aid Office is notified by the program that you are going to participate, they will adjust your budget to reflect your new program costs as outlined by the program. Your Financial Aid will credit your account at the Business Services Office. Any funds remaining will be sent to you. The check will be made payable to you and sent to your permanent address, or you may request direct deposit. (Please note: if your parent has borrowed a PLUS Loan on your behalf, those remaining funds will be sent to the borrower of that loan.) If you have any questions or concerns, you should make an appointment with the UNH Financial Aid Office at 862-3600.

Summer Programs

Various forms of financial aid are available to qualified individuals enrolled in summer credit courses at UNH. Degree students who have filed their FAFSA for the upcoming academic year and wish to use a portion of their Stafford Loan or an Alternative Loan to pay for summer classes must complete a Summer Loan Course Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office prior to registration. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits. Non-degree students may consider alternative loan options for payment of UNH credit course tuition and fees.

Please visit the UNH Financial Aid website or call 603-862-3600 for more information.

Often students are able to combine the summer study abroad courses with summer or J-term courses taken other years or with extra courses taken during the academic year to reduce their on-campus obligation from eight semesters to seven, thus compensating for some or all of the program fee. 

Non-UNH students participating in UNH-managed study abroad programs who wish to use financial aid from their home institution should contact their financial aid office. Your home institution’s financial aid office will need to initiate a consortium agreement with the UNH financial aid office so that you financial aid may be applied toward the cost of the UNH-managed program.

January Term Programs

There is no financial aid specifically marked for January term programs, but you may allocate financial aid toward the cost of the program if you have a credit from your fall or spring packages. Please visit the UNH Financial Aid website or call 603-862-3600 for more information.


COLA Scholarships

Various competitive funds are available to COLA majors who plan to study abroad. The following link provides more detail on specific sources of funding and application processes. 

Explore COLA's study abroad scholarships

Scholarships for study abroad are also available for students within specific COLA departments. View the listings within the Department of Anthropology; the Geography Department; the Justice Studies Program; and the Department of Languages, Literatures for relevant scholarships.

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UNH Scholarships

The Global Education Center (GEC) conducts a bi-annual scholarship competition (spring and fall) and awards $500-$5,000 grants to eligible undergraduates. Please note that students going on a UNH study abroad program or UNH course with a study abroad component less than one month in duration are only eligible for a smaller grant.

Approximately six to ten scholarships will be awarded each semester, including the Foley-Jackson award for $5,000 based both on financial need and academic merit.  The majority of our grant awards are $1,000.

Explore GEC's Scholarships and Fellowships

External Scholarships

The UNH Office of National Fellowships maintains information regarding external funding and scholarships for study abroad. Some recent study abroad awards:

  • The Freeman Award for Study in Asia awards up to $7,000 for study in east and southeast Asia.
  • The Fulbright US Student Program provides funded 8-10 month study/research grants or teaching assistantships abroad in 140+ countries.
  • The Gilman International Scholarship Program offers significant awards for undergraduate study abroad. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding to participate in study abroad programs worldwide.

Explore the UNH Office of National Fellowships