Student Association of Geographers (SAG)

The Student Association of Geographers (SAG) is a UNH student organization founded in the spring of 2010. Its aim is to nurture a community of student geographers within UNH by providing a place for interaction and active outreach to the larger geography community. It seeks to engage and encourage students in an ongoing conversation about the diverse field of geography, ultimately fostering student involvement and enriching students' UNH geography experience.

SAG hosts events and outings such as attending the Boston Museum of Science's exhibit of "What I Eat: Around the World in 25 Diets" and to The Whole New World Coffee.

The UNH Geography Team

geography bowl student champs

SAG students have competed at the regional conference hosted by The New England-St. Lawrence Valley Geographical Society (NESTVAL), the nation’s first regional professional geography organization. Here students gain valuable conference experience and exposure to the larger geography profession and other students. For those interested, an opportunity to compete at and attend the national Association of American Geographers (AAG) conference is attainable, and SAG has successfully been represented on the NESTVAL's team at the national student geography bowl.

First and foremost, SAG seeks to bring student geographers together, creating a community, place, and forum for discussion and outreach. As part of an intimate major, SAG's aim is to create an opportunity to get to know each other for mutual growth.

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