COLA High Impact Experiences

The Civil Discourse Lab

Communication faculty Jennifer Borda, associate professor, and Renee Heath, principal lecturer, founded the Civil Discourse Lab (CDL), which seeks to strengthen the ability of students and community members to conduct meaningful conversations, collaborate and make decisions around sometimes difficult but important topics to a civil society. At CDL are student research positions and fellow positions each academic year as well as events to participate in throughout the fall and spring semester. 

Global Humanities Undergraduate Research Lab (GHURL)

Global Humanities Undergraduate Research Lab (GHURL) is an initiative of the Department of languages, Literatures and Cultures. It provides a site where undergraduates and faculty together can engage with each other, with external resources, and with technology, to address the grand challenges and pressing questions of our time, and to discover novel ways of understanding and explaining the world. One initiative of GHURL has been the Puerto Rico Lab, which brings students and faculty together to better understand the challenges facing Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.


Black New England Conference

The Black New England Conference is an annual 2-day gathering where academics, artists, activists, and community members share insights and research on Black experiences, past and present, in New England and beyond. The Conference is both an academic conference and a celebration of Black life and history.


Indigenous New Hampshire

Local Abenaki leaders, UNH professors and students, and community members are working to recover Indigenous people’s history in New Hampshire and give it a new voice in the present. On the shores of Oyster River, anthropologist Meghan Howey is directing an archaeological dig that’s uncovering Indigenous history. Anthropologist Svetlana Peshkova is working with community members to build the Indigenous New Hampshire story map, an online reinterpretation of key events and the places where they occurred from a Native American perspective. English professor Siobhan Senier runs the online journal, Dawnland Voices, which publishes a wide range of Indigenous writing from New England and the Northeast.

Indigenous New Hampshire story map