Black New England

BNEC poster 2022 with banner and speakers

Friday, October 21 - 22 | Southern New Hampshire University | Manchester

Black New England Conference 2022

Join academics, scholars, entrepreneurs, community activists, theater professionals, and more as we engage in stimulating conversations about wealth and money Black New England Conference 2022.

This year's conference examines the legal framework and institutional practices that block access to wealth for non-whites. The conference will explore the history and legacy of policies – public and private -- that determined where Black families, Indigenous populations, and People of Color could live, work, and go to school. Evidence shows these policies – not personal attributes – create the wealth gap that persists today. 

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Please Note:  There is no virtual option for the Keynote and Award Dinner event. After Friday, September 23, the cost to attend the dinner will be $85 per person if space is still available.

The Black New England Conference is an annual 2-day gathering where academics, artists, activists and community members share insights and research on Black experiences, past and present, in New England and beyond. The Conference is both an academic conference and a celebration of Black life and history.