Global Humanities Undergraduate Research Lab (GHURL)


What is the GHURL?

While the interactive and collaborative space of the lab dominates in the so-called hard sciences, research in the Humanities has tended to be carried out in a more solitary fashion. The growth and diffusion of technology, and the interconnectedness that it can foster, is one factor that has promoted a shift to a laboratory approach in Humanities research, as has the prohibitive cost of some technological hardware that makes a shared space with shared resources a more practical approach. Digital Humanities, however, is not the only area that warrants the use of the lab format in the Humanities. GHURL at the University of New Hampshire is a site where undergraduates and faculty together can engage with each other, with external resources, and potentially with technology, to address the grand challenges and pressing questions of our time, and to discover novel ways of understanding and explaining the world. The lab is the ideal site for teaching Humanities research methodologies, fostering collaboration between faculty and undergraduate students, and engaging members of the public.