How to Apply

Ready to Apply?

Online Application

Supporting materials should be sent to the Graduate School at:

UNH Graduate School 
Thompson Hall 
105 Main Street 
Durham, NH 03824

To apply to the History Program, you must apply online through the Graduate School. Collect and submit all additional supporting materials in one packet and send to the Graduate School, not to the History Department.

Admission Requirements

The Department usually requires evidence of substantial preparation in history at the undergraduate level, together with some preparation in other areas of humanities and social sciences. Deficiencies in an undergraduate program may be rectified by coursework as a non-degree student, but such coursework cannot be used to satisfy requirements for an advanced degree.

Applicants for admission to any graduate program in history should have a minimum of a B average in history, allied humanities, and social sciences.

Applicants must submit a writing sample with their application.

The department assesses the student's entire application, including letters of recommendation, and writing sample, in making its decision on admission.

The department recommends that a beginning graduate student have some training in a foreign language. Students in seminar or reading courses in other than American history may be required to have a reading knowledge of at least one foreign language appropriate to the particular course.

Applicants should include with their applications a personal statement indicating their reason for undertaking graduate study at the University of New Hampshire.

Normally an entering student intending to be a candidate for the doctorate will complete an M.A. program as a prerequisite. However, students with the M.A. from another institution, or with exceptionally strong preparation at the undergraduate level, can begin the doctoral program immediately. In addition, a student in residence can, with the consent of the department, omit the M.A. and proceed directly toward the Ph.D.


The application deadline for the M.A. in History and the M.A. in History: Museum Studies Option is February 1 for fall admission.

The application deadline for the Ph.D. in History is January 15 for fall admission.