Progress Towards Degree

Annual Review

All graduate students are reviewed annually by the faculty of the department. A student accumulating two course failures is automatically barred from continuing in any degree program in history, but the department reserves the right to exclude others whose overall performance does not give reasonable assurance of a successful program completion. Students are allowed no more than three attempts to meet any language requirement.

Time Limits

Time limits are set by the UNH Graduate School. M.A. students must complete their degrees within six years of matriculation. Ph.D. students have eight years after matriculation to complete a degree, or, if they enter the program with a master’s degree in the same field, seven years. Ph.D. students must advance to candidacy within five years of matriculation (four years if the student entered with a master's in the same field). Students who need to withdraw temporarily for medical, personal, or other reasons can request a Leave of Absence, which will not count against this time limit. Students whose time limits are about to expire, but who are nearing the completion of a degree, can request an extension of the time limit from the Graduate School. Because the Graduate School administers time limits, students with questions should consult with the staff in Thompson Hall. Students are expected to keep track of their own time limits.


The department considers that graduate work in history, and particularly doctoral work, is professional training. The department recognizes the dual concerns of the historian's life--teaching and research; when feasible, therefore, all doctoral students are expected to undertake teaching in the department during a part of their residence. Participation in proseminar and in teaching constitutes an apprenticeship in conjunction with formal study.