Undergraduate Programs

Jasmin Washington

Majoring in sociology provides a solid, multifaceted foundation in the liberal arts, including analytical thinking and writing, and skills in collecting and analyzing data. Students learn diverse theoretical approaches to the social world and acquire tools for conducting and understanding social science research. The wide range of substantive areas taught in the UNH sociology department includes courses concentrating on family and work; environmental sociology; social policy; inequalities of race, class, and gender; criminology, social control, and deviant behavior; medical sociology; and religion.

Undergraduate training in sociology is an excellent background for a variety of careers, including the business world, where majors might work in marketing and sales or human resources, or government or private services, where a major might work in education, health services, social welfare, criminal justice, or research. An undergraduate degree in sociology is also excellent preparation for graduate work in law, social work, counseling, public administration, public health, business administration, urban planning or further studies in sociology.

Faculty in the Sociology Department are involved in a wide range of interesting research projects, but are also committed to teaching and advising. As a complement to their coursework, students may have the opportunity to conduct independent studies with faculty, obtain practical experience via internships, or work with professors on their research projects. Majors may have the opportunity to take upper-level courses that are also offered as graduate courses, which provide challenging and rewarding experiences for advanced students.

Our undergraduates annually produce Perspectives, the undergraduate journal of sociology, which includes research and writing by sociology majors. Students interested in becoming involved with Perspectives should contact the Director of Undergraduate Programs either by calling the main office at (603) 862-2500, or by email: sociology.department@unh.edu.

Sociology courses are open to any student at the University, regardless of major. Students can minor in sociology or simply take sociology courses, many of which are part of the Discovery Program curriculum required of all students.