Ph.D. Alumni

Sociology Ph.D. Completed Dissertations


Evan England
Who is “Women’s Health” For? LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care"


Adrienne Brown
A Wild Home For Wild Things”: Forest Workers’ Co-creation of Knowledge, Identity, and Place"
Deirdre Colburn
Telehealth in the Wake of COVID-19: The Effect of Telehealth Expansion on Healthcare Access, Utilization, and Outcomes
Linda Fogg
They Turn to Violence: Active Shootings and the Convergence of Hegemonic Masculinity, Race, and Perceived Injustice"
Emily Whitmore
A Mixed-Methods Approach to Social License to Operate for Aquaculture: Understanding How Broad Public Perceptions and Local Company Actions Influence Community Acceptance

Sociology Ph.D. Completed Dissertations


Jean Bessette
"Neighborhood Disorder and Adolescent Psychological Distress: Effects of Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Social Support, and Self Concept"
Kristine Bundschuh
“It’s Truly Everything”: The Multidimensional and Interconnected Reasons New Hampshire Residents Stay in Place”

Della Burke
“Test Run or One and Done”: Gender Differences In LGBTQ+ Hookup Experiences"


Amanda Fontaine
“The Influence of Third Parties, Perfectionism, and Familial Socioeconomic Status on College Student Mental Health”
Paul Anskat
“The Dissemination and Reproduction of Dominant Ideologies on Social Media: Reddit Through the Lens of Color-Blind Racism and Gender-Blind Sexism”
Kei Saito
“Justice System Outcomes of Children Referred for Sexual Offenses”


Nicholas Adams              
"Peer Victimization and Delinquency: A Longitudinal Analysis of Their Relationships"
Jordan Burke
"White Discipline, Black Rebellion: A History of American Race Riots from Emancipation to the War on Drugs"
Reinmar Freis-Beattie
"Fear and Loathing in Post 9/11 America: Public Perceptions of Terrorism as Shaped by News Media and the Politics of Fear"
Kirsten Kemmerer
"Housework and Perceptions of Fairness: How Do They Affect Older Married Women's and Men's Sexual Frequency and Sexual Satisfaction?"
Reeve Kennedy
"Bullying Trends in the United States and an Analysis of the Impact of Prevention Programs on Bullying Subtypes and Gender"
Michael Staunton
"The Social Etiology of Prescription Psychotherapeutic Misuse among Rural and Urban Adolescents and Emerging Adults: Concurrent and Prospective Stress-Process Analyses"


Melissa Day
“What Stepmothers Can Teach Us About Contemporary Family Life, the Institution of Motherhood, and the Reproduction of Gender Inequality”
Erica Jablonski
“Informal Caregiver Identity: Voluntary Job Fit, Teamwork, and Tools”  
Ezra Temko
"Navigating the Path to Presence: Ideology, Politics, and the Campaign for Gender Balanced Boards and Commissions in Iowa"

Michael Staley
"Coming Out and Hooking Up: The Experience of Gay, Bisexual, Questioning and Queer Latter-Day Saint Men as They Negotiate Attraction, Identity, and Behavior"


Yahayra Michel-Smith 
“Poly-victimization: A Broad Assessment of Childhood Victimization and Its Implications for Juvenile Justice and Child Well-being”
Angela Mitiguy
“Understanding College Men's and Women's Perceptions of Sexual Behavior Responsibility Through the Lens of the Human Papillomavirus”


Andrew Schaefer
“Religious Affiliation and Women's Labor Patterns in U.S. Counties”
Lisa Speropolous
“Full Steam Ahead: The Effects of a STEAM-Focused Education on High School Students' Academic Performance, Engagement in School, And Perceptions of College and Career Readiness”

Desiree Wiesen-Martin          
“Nature of Formal Intimate Partner Violence Help Seeking: The Influence of Individual and Community Characteristics”


Matthew Cutler
"Seeing and believing: The emergent nature of extreme weather perceptions"
Susan Fox
Life interrupted: The experience of informal caregivers of aging family members"
Megan Henly
Well-being as a measure of inequality among the retirement-age population: An examination of the role of place, migration, and socioeconomic status in shaping happy and healthy older Americans"
Tracy Keirns
Enduring impact of childhood stressors on adult health: Testing psychological and behavioral pathways"
Alex Parkhouse
"Nobody wants to feel different…but it's just the way it is": Experiences of stigma and other stressors among people living with psoriasis"
Luke Rogers
Living on the wrong side of the tracks: An exploration of the relation between demographic change and toxic site emissions"
Anne Shattuck             
A woman's work is never done? Earlier life child, marital, and work history and older women's relationship to the paid labor force"
Justin Young
Social capital in a diversifying city: A multi-neighborhood ethnographic case study"


Jessica Carson
The complexities of family health: Effects on women's employment outcomes"
Kai Ji
"Child abuse and neglect in China: A meta-analysis"
Meghan Mills
"The impact of socioeconomic status and goal-striving stress on depression and delinquency among rural youth"
Jessica Ulrich-Schad
Migration, views on amenity-led development, and making community in rural recreation counties in the U.S."


Amy Redman
"Everyday food practices among three low-income groups: Rural, homeless, and refugee"
Jennifer Vanderminden
A longitudinal analysis of the effect of disability type and emotional/behavior problems on different forms of maltreatment across childhood"


Genevieve Cox
"Culture, place and identity in a mobile community"
Aimee Delaney
"Violent socialization processes and criminal behavior: An international perspective on variations in social control during late adolescence and emerging adulthood"
Jennifer Esala
Anxious lives: Tracing the life course of a medical diagnosis through illness narratives"