Stress Conference - NEW DATE - June 4-6, 2022

Savannah, GA
Held at the Kimpton Brice Hotel


The 17th International Conference on Social Stress Research will be held on June 4-6, 2022 in Savannah, Georgia at the Kimpton Brice Hotel. The International Conference on Social Stress has become an important conference for scholars working in the area of stress and health and a major forum for sharing new research that incorporates components of the stress process. The conferences, sponsored by the University of New Hampshire, are held approximately every two years and attract the leading scholars in the field. Previous conferences have been held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Honolulu, Hawaii; Santa Fe, New Mexico; San Diego, California; London, England; Venice, Italy; Paris, France; Budapest, Hungary; Athens, Greece, and Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. The conference is organized and directed by Professors Heather Turner, Karen Van Gundy, and Catherine Moran in the Department of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire.

The 2022 conference promises to be stimulating, engaging, and exciting – both professionally and socially. Our host hotel is the Kimpton Brice, 601 East Bay Street, located right on Washington Square in the national historic landmark district.  Savannah boasts one of the largest historic districts in the country, and all manner of tours are on offer daily.  The cobblestones of River Street are only one block away, and the City Market, with restaurants and nightly live music venues, is a short stroll.


The final program will be based on the content of the submissions. Sessions involving the following themes are common: childhood/adolescent stress and adversity; work and unemployment-related stressors; stress in family contexts; gender and stress processes; race, ethnicity, culture and discrimination stress; intersections of physical and mental health; catastrophic and traumatic stress; LGBTQ stressors, and neighborhood contexts of stress.

We invite you to submit either a complete paper or an extended abstract. In the case of abstracts, you must provide sufficient information for evaluation of the substance and scientific merit of the paper.

The deadline for submitting papers or extended abstracts is January 21, 2022

Send all papers/abstracts or requests for information to Catherine Moran at

Announcing our 2022 Keynote Speakers


Melissa Milkie


Melissa Milkie

Melissa Milkie is Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. She earned her Ph.D. from Indiana University, and is currently Professor Emerita of Sociology at Maryland. She has served as Deputy Editor at the journals Gender & Society & American Sociological Review. Her work explores family stressors, gender, and the work-family interface. She has written extensively about time spent in work and family roles and its implications for health and well-being, as well as how cultural meanings, identities and media frames are linked to and influence social groups.

Dr. Tony Brown


Tony Brown

Tony Brown is Professor of Sociology at Rice University and the Director of the Racism and Racial Experiences Workgroup. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and was at Vanderbilt University before moving to Rice. He has co-edited the American Sociological Review. His research probes how interactional, interpersonal, cultural, and structural racism works to disadvantage blacks and privilege whites. His recent work explores the mental health significance of racial discrimination, the social construction of race, race socialization during childhood, the epidemiology of racial trauma, and culturally-specific conceptualizations of mental health.

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