Declaring a Major


A limited number of first-year students are pre-admitted as Communication Majors by the Admissions Office. An orientation session for first-year Communication Majors is typically held on a Saturday morning toward the end of August, as part of the orientation weekend for first-year students.

Application to the Major

Communication is a limited-enrollment major. Students who have not been pre-admitted to the program as part of the application process to the University must apply for admission to the major during the application period that is scheduled each semester after the end of the Add/Drop period. (Check with UNH Advising or the Department of Communication office for exact dates and other information.) Each prospective major must submit a completed Application Form, process an on-line Change Major request (see below for instructions), and an up-to-date Communication Major Requirements Form, along with a copy of his/her academic file. Relevant forms and instructions are available ONLY at the MANDATORY Orientation Meeting scheduled just prior to the application period. Criteria for acceptance to the major include: available space in an applicant's class rank, cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better, and current academic good standing. A week after the end of the application period, applicants will be notified if they were accepted or denied. Students who are not accepted to the major will be contacted explaining the reason(s) for the decision. Students who are not accepted to the major their first time should consider taking one or two of the introductory courses (CMN 455, 456, 457) by signing up for the non-major sections of those courses. Doing well in a Communication course will count in the student's favor if they decide to apply again. (NOTE: The Department also offers a Minor in Communication, which is open to any UNH undergraduate. Contact the Communication Department for more information).

Transfer Students

A limited number of transfer students may be admitted to UNH each year as Communication Majors. Transfer students must complete at least 20 credits of their communication coursework at UNH to complete the major satisfactorily. Transfer students must receive formal faculty approval for any transferred courses to be applied to the major. (See your advisor.) Communication courses from other colleges and universities must relate to the three areas of communication (Media Studies, Rhetoric & Public Address, and Interpersonal Communication) offered at UNH. Students may be asked to supply course syllabi, papers, and other materials for their advisor's evaluation.

Change of Program Process

Use this process in the following situations: declaring or changing a major within a college, declaring a major in or changing a major to a different college, adding a dual major, adding a second major:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Search for Webcat and select
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Change Major/Option and follow prompts

Use this process in the following situations: declaring a dual degree, declaring or changing to a self-designed major, declaring a third major:

  1. Obtain a paper yellow change of program form from the Registrar's Office or download one here.
  2. Meet with your advisor, and obtain signature and your student academic file.
  3. Go to your current Dean’s Office, obtain signature.
  4. Bring your signed form and file to our office where we will instruct you on next steps.