Internships for communication majors are offered directly through the Department of Communication. These internships are electives designed to integrate classroom study and supervised practical experience in a work setting. Communication Internship Outlook is a comprehensive website devoted to CMN 599, Internship.

Communication Internship Outlook website

Finding placements

Internship information and guidance is available through the UNH Career and Professional Success office in Hood House. The staff will assist students in finding appropriate placements. Job descriptions are also posted at the Career Services board at the MUB (near the mailboxes), and are available from on or off campus via the link below.

Career and Professional Success Internships page

Credit and Non-Credit

Internships may be taken either for credit or non-credit. NEITHER TYPE OF INTERNSHIP COUNTS TOWARD COMPLETION OF THE COMMUNICATION MAJOR. However, internships taken for credit will count toward the total number of credits needed for graduation. Internships taken for credit require a faculty sponsor. If you wish to have a faculty sponsor in communication, please note that one faculty member within the department will be responsible for supervising all the internships for the department each semester.

Academic Requirements

Students taking internships sponsored by the Department of Communication will register for CMN 599: INTERNSHIP. Each student is required to write a series of reports focusing on aspects of the work experience that are related to coursework in the communication department. The purpose of these assignments is to enhance a student's ability to reflect critically on the internship experience and to understand the college internship experience as an opportunity to merge theory and practice. (Credits and assignments are variable.)

Meeting Time & Proposal

Students are expected to hold the common exam time (12:40-2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays) open for occasional meetings. Before starting the internship, students must submit a written proposal to both the work supervisor and the faculty sponsor. The proposal should include detailed information on the duties and responsibilities to be undertaken at the internship site and on the goals and learning objectives as relevant to the communication department curriculum. For more information, contact Department of Communication at 862-2292, and the Internship Office at 862-1184.