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The study of government and politics, to which the courses and seminars of the Department of Political Science are devoted, includes the development of knowledge of political behavior by individuals and groups as well as knowledge about governments: their nature and functions; their problems and behavior; and their interactions-at the national and international levels and at the local, state, and regional levels.

Much of the learning offered by the Department of Political Science can also be regarded as essential for good citizenship. Political knowledge helps to explain the formal and informal institutions by which we are governed and the forces which lead to policy decisions. It seeks to clarify the issues and principles that encourage people toward political involvement and contributes to the store of knowledge necessary for informed citizenship. In addition, such learning is especially valuable to students planning to enter local or national government or other public service, including the Foreign Service, and it will be of great help to those who intend to study law.

For teaching, particularly at the college level, and for many types of government service, graduate work may be indispensable. An undergraduate degree in political science will provide a helpful foundation for any further study of politics and related fields in the social sciences and humanities. Such an emphasis will also be valuable for students seeking careers in journalism, international organizations, the public affairs and administrative aspects of labor, financial, and business organizations.

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