Geography (B.A.)

Geography (B.A.)
Geography B.A.

What is geography?

Are you curious about the world? Do you want to make a difference? The geography major links local to global perspectives and environmental and social sciences. We study relationships between environments and people, exploring the form, function and perceptions of places and spaces and how they interact and change. Geographic insights are fundamental to solving major challenges of our time, including climate change, environmental hazards, social justice, political conflict, public health, globalization, sustainability, and urban and rural development.Wherever you want to go, from your own backyard to the most distant reaches of the planet, Geography can take you there!

Why study geography at UNH?

Geography is rich in possibilities.Because our students gain strong skills across social and natural sciences, integration of diverse knowledges and experience, and analysis of spatial data through digital mapping, they excel in a wide variety of careers that span private, public and nonprofit sectors. With small class sizes, personalized advising and opportunities for independent study, you’ll enjoy a high degree of individual attention. You’ll have opportunities to intern at places as varied as forestry agencies, international relief organizations and planning commissions and to study abroad in countries such as China, Ghana, Italy, Denmark, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Spain and Vietnam.

Potential careers

  • City, town or rural planning
  • Community development
  • Emergency management
  • Environmental and social justice
  • Environmental or social sciences teacher
  • Geospatial data analysis
  • Intelligence and security
  • International development
  • Market research
  • Natural resource management
  • Public health
  • Transportation and logistics
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    Geography Major
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    Geography and International Affairs Majors
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    Geography Major | Aerospace Research Analyst
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Curriculum & Requirements

The geography major provides undergraduates with a solid foundation in geography by uniting social and biophysical sciences, humanities and technology to examine the factors that make a place or environment unique. Connecting academic inquiry to real-world problem solving, you will develop critical thinking skills and be prepared to transfer classroom and field experience into a wide range of careers. 

With interests ranging from globalization to climate change and sustainability, urbanization to community development at home and abroad, UNH geography graduates have gone on to careers in urban, regional and transportation planning, community development, environmental conservation and natural resources management, sustainability science, geographic information science, market research, locational analysis, population studies, foreign aid, international diplomacy and education. 

Students intending to major in geography should consult with the department chairperson.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirement: 128 credits
Minimum Residency Requirement: 32 credits must be taken at UNH
Minimum GPA: 2.0 required for conferral*
Core Curriculum Required: Discovery & Writing Program Requirements
Foreign Language Requirement: Yes

All Major, Option and Elective Requirements as indicated.
*Major GPA requirements as indicated.

Major Requirements

To earn a bachelor of arts in geography, students must complete 10 geography courses with a minimum grade of C- minus.

Students complete foundation courses intended to provide a basic understanding of human, physical, and world regional geography. It is recommended the courses be taken as early as possible in a student's program. Students also complete required skills courses, which provide the basic analytical and technical skills used in georgraphy, electives and a capstone course.

Foundation Courses
GEOG 401World Regions: Europe and the Americas4
or GEOG 402 World Regions: Asia and Africa
GEOG 572Geography of the Natural Environment4
GEOG 581Society, Environment and Justice4
Skills Courses
GEOG 590Field Research4
or GEOG #595 Statistics for Spatial Science
GEOG 591Making Maps: GIS Fundamentals4
Elective Courses16
Select four courses from the electives list below (may be any geography courses, excluding 401 or 402) 1
GEOG 405
There Is No Planet B
GEOG 473
Elements of Weather
GEOG 530
China: People, Politics and Economy
GEOG 540
Geography of the Middle East
GEOG 550
Sub-Saharan Africa: Environmental Politics and Development
GEOG 560
Natural Hazards and Human Disasters
GEOG 572
Geography of the Natural Environment
GEOG 574
Global Landscapes and Environmental Processes
GEOG 581
Society, Environment and Justice
GEOG 582
Global Trade and Local Development
GEOG 584
Political Geography
GEOG 591
Making Maps: GIS Fundamentals
GEOG 670
Climate and Society
GEOG 673
Political Ecology
GEOG 685
Population and Development
GEOG #686
World Economy and Globalization
Select one 600-level Writing Intensive course from:
GEOG 670
Climate and Society
GEOG 673
Political Ecology
GEOG 685
Population and Development
GEOG #686
World Economy and Globalization
Total Credits40


Students interested in geographic information systems, remote sensing, locational analysis and other geographic techniques may specialize in Geotechniques by completing three 700-level methods courses in Geography (GEOG 750-769).


Independent study courses including GEOG 695 Internship and GEOG 795 Special Project may be applied to the major elective requirement once if taken for a total of four credit hours.

  • Integrate biophysical and socio-cultural disciplinary traditions to explain the complex interrelationships between and among human-natural systems spanning local to global scales.
  • Communicate geographic concepts, research, and methods of analysis professionally and effectively through written products, oral presentations, and visualizations appropriate for the intended audience.

Additional Resources

Current students who declare geography prior to fall 2019 may elect to either follow the current requirements or the new requirements listed in the document below.

Geography Major Requirements, effective fall 2019

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