Faculty by Field

African History

Funso Afolayan - West African History, Ethnic and Cultural Studies, Slavery and Gender Studies

Ancient History

Michael Leese - Greek and Roman history, Economics in Ancient Greece, History of Capitalism

Asian History

Lu Yan - History of China (modern and pre-modern), History of Japan (modern)

European History

David Bachrach - Medieval European History
Marion Girard-Dorsey - European History, History of Law, Diplomatic and Military History, History of Medicine in the United States
Jan Golinski - History of Science
Nicoletta F. Gullace - Modern Britain
Elizabeth Mellyn - History of Medicine in Europe, Medieval and Early Modern Travel and Communication in the Mediterranean, Education and Culture in Italy
Janet Polasky - European Women, French History

Latin American History

Julia Rodriguez - Latin American History, Women's History

Middle Eastern History

Ethel Sara Wolper - History of the Middle East, History of Islam
Fredrick Meiton - History of Science and Technology, History of the Middle East, Arab-Israeli conflict

United States History

Kurk Dorsey - U.S. Foreign Relations, Environmental History, Canada
Ellen Fitzpatrick - Modern American Intellectual and Political History, Historiography, Women's History
Eliga H. Gould - American Revolution, History of the Atlantic World, British Empire
Jessica Lepler - Early American History
Lucy Salyer - American Legal History, Progressive Era, Immigration
Jason Sokol - 20th-century U.S. History, Civil Rights Movement, Political History, African American History
Cynthia Van Zandt - Colonial American, Early Modern Atlantic World, Native American, and Cultural History