Nicoletta Gullace

Phone: (603) 862-1715
Office: History, Horton Social Science Center Rm 413, Durham, NH 03824
Nicoletta Gullace


  • Ph.D., Early Mod Eur History, University of California - Berkeley
  • M.A., Early Mod Eur History, University of California - Berkeley
  • B.A., History, University of Rochester
  • B.A., English, University of Rochester

Research Interests

  • European cultural history
  • Modern Britain
  • Women's history

Courses Taught

  • HIST 436: Europe and the Modern World
  • HIST 560: Modern Britain
  • HIST 690/890: Sem/LGBTQ History
  • HIST 797: Colloquium/Modern Ireland

Selected Publications

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Gullace, N. F. (2014). Christabel Pankhurst and the Smethwick Election: right-wing feminism, the Great War and the ideology of consumption. WOMENS HISTORY REVIEW, 23(3), 330-346. doi:10.1080/09612025.2013.820597

Gullace, N. F. (2009). Barbaric Anti-Modernism: Representations of the "Hun" in Britain, North America, Australia, and Beyond. In PICTURE THIS: WORLD WAR I POSTERS AND VISUAL CULTURE (pp. 61-78). Retrieved from

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