Teaching and Research in the Cognitive Science of Religion

Spring 2018

The GHURL initiative held several other events during the academic year, culminating with a pilot lab in Spring 2018 on "Teaching and Research in the Cognitive Science of Religion", which was directed by Paul Robertson (CHI) in collaboration with Edward O'Brien (Psychology), and Leslie Curren (Biology). Our proposal links a Spring 2018 course (HUM 526: Humanities and Science, taught by Robertson) to the GHURL through a combination of collaborative, interdisciplinary student and faculty research projects around the cognitive science of religion that will regularly occur at the GHURL. Our project will unite interdisciplinary specialties to deepen student learning, co- research with students around recent findings in the cognitive science of religion, and to involve students in collaborative faculty research around language, beliefs, and the brain. The pedagogical outcome will be for every student to perform original, language-based research that engages existing findings in the cognitive science of religion. The research outcome will be for the faculty collaborators to submit findings for publication in peer-reviewed journals after the conclusion of the term. This application is for Spring 2018 indexed to this specific course offering, but ideally this work would continue into the 2018-2019 academic year and beyond, with multiple iterations that offer this course, bring together these three faculty, and work with/at the GHURL. Faculty data collection and research authorship would continue throughout.

"Teaching and Research in the Cognitive Science of Religion"
Paul Robertson (Classics, Humanities, Italian Studies)
Edward O'Brien (Psychology)
Leslie Curren (Biology)