Russian Honor Society

UNH has an active chapter of Dobro Slovo, the National Slavic Honor Society.

Dobro Slovo was founded at the University of California at Berkeley in 1926. In 1963, Dobro Slovo became a nation-wide honor society. It now has over 130 local chapters throughout the country. Dobro Slovo recognizes academic excellence in the study of Slavic languages, literature, history, and culture. The Society serves as an incentive for scholarly interest in Slavic life and culture.

Qualifications for student membership are:

  1. two years (or equivalent) of study in Slavic languages, literature, culture, or related subjects with a minimum average grade of B
  2. minimum overall academic average of B or better
  3. an active and continuing interest in Slavic languages, literature, culture or related fields of Slavic studies

Please contact a faculty member in the Russian program for more information.