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The Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts program in psychology is broad, with an emphasis on technical skills and the opportunity to specialize in areas that interest you. Courses cover such topics as clinical and counseling, social psychology, personality, psychological development, cognition in humans and non-humans, neuroscience, sensory psychology and the history of psychology. Opportunities abound to work informally in laboratories or to participate in both clinically-oriented and non-clinical internships. Students who wish to declare psychology as a major after enrolling in the University should consult with the department's academic counselor for application procedures and criteria.

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The Bachelor of Science Degree

The program in neuroscience and behavior, shared between Liberal Arts and Life Sciences and Agriculture, focuses on the scientific study of the brain and its relationship to behavior. This Bachelor of Science program is structured around a rigorous core sequence of courses that incorporates an extensive laboratory experience, with the opportunity for specialization. Courses include such topics as endocrinology, genetics, neurology, animal behavior, neuroscience and philosophy, drugs, sensory systems, mood disorders and ecology. A large number of laboratories are available that routinely incorporate undergraduate students. The program provides strong preparation for entry into graduate programs in neuroscience, behavior, pharmacology, and medicine. Interested students who are already enrolled at UNH should consult the Psychology Department coordinator prior to declaring this major. Incoming students may declare this major at the time of admission to the University.

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Highlights of the Undergraduate Program

Honors Program: Psychology majors may earn a B.A. with Honors in Psychology by taking honors courses and working closely with a faculty member to complete a Senior Honors Thesis.

Haslerud Conference: Undergraduate Psychology majors present their research at this annual conference sponsored by the Psychology Department.

Internships: Undergraduate majors earn academic credit for work experience in the field of counseling.

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Psychology Club: A student-run organization promoting activities of interest to psychology students.