2019-20 Colloquium Schedule

FALL 2019

Thursday, October 3rd
Lisa Feldman Barrett, Northeastern (Watson)
From Essences to Predictions: A Brain-based Understanding of Emotion
McConnell Room 220

Thursday, October 24th
David Pillemer, Psychology and Ken Johnson, Sociology

Remembering the Move: Autobiographical Memories are Organized around Residential Relocations 
12:40-2pm,  McConnell 245

Thursday, November 7th
Christopher Soto, Colby College
The Big Five Personality Traits across the Life Span: How They Develop and Why They Matter
3:40-5pm,  McConnell 220

Thursday, November 21st
Shari Robinson, Director of Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS) at UNH
Meeting the Escalating Demand for Mental Health Services
3:40-5pm, McConnell 220

Thursday, Dec 5th
Fiery Cushman, Harvard University
How We Know What Not to Think
3:40-5pm, McConnell 220

Reception to follow in McConnell, room 456


Thursday, Feb 20th 
Joint Sociology, Psychology, Justice Studies colloquium
Youth gun violence is a critical public health problem. The NIH-funded Youth Firearm Risk and Safety Study used a mixed-methods approach to develop and pilot a new comprehensive measure of youth gun exposure.  Participants were 630 youth, ages 2-17, from three high risk communities, who completed a survey on a wide range of firearm access and gun violence exposure. The specific topics of the colloquium include: a) an overview of the variety of ways youth are exposed to guns and gun violence; b) how gun violence exposure is linked to other forms of victimization and its association with trauma symptomatology; and c) the safety practices families utilize to keep kids safe from guns. 
12:40 – 2pm,  McConnell 245

Thursday, March 5th
Jill Thorson, UNH Communication Sciences and Disorders

3:40-5pm,  McConnell 220

Thursday, March 26th, Watson Colloquium
Qi Wang, Cornell University

3:40-5pm,  McConnell 220

Thursday, April 2nd, Erikson Colloquium 
Marcy Kraus, Suzanne Jagel O'Brien Executive Director, Dean of First-Year Students, University of Rochester
3:40-5pm,  McConnell 220

Thursday, April 16th
Ben Harris, Professor of Psychology, University of New Hampshire

3:40-5pm,  McConnell 220

Friday, April 24th
Haslrud Conference

1:30-5pm, McConnell 220

Tuesday, April 28th
Thursday, April 30th

First year student talks


Reception to follow in McConnell 456.