Advising & Registration

Advising System

Undergraduate advising in the department is conducted jointly by the department coordinator and the full-time faculty. The department coordinator has primary responsibility for advising freshman and sophomore psychology majors and is the initial contact for all majors in a state of transition including readmitted, transfer, and newly declared students. The department coordinator assists students in all phases of educational planning and decision making, including registration, long-range academic planning, degree and program requirements, and career selection and planning. Continuing junior and senior psychology majors are assigned to a faculty adviser with appropriate consideration for student preferences. The advising relationship with a faculty member is designed to encourage refining career and educational decisions. 

Who is my Advisor?     

Advisors are listed on webcat, degree works, and myWildcat Success.  If you do not see an advisor listed on webcat, please contact the office.  It is always good to check the beginning of each semester as advisor assignments may change due to sabbaticals.

If you are a first year, sophomore, a new transfer student, new to the major or studying abroad/away,  your advisor is Susan Moore. Click here if you wish to contact Susan Moore.

If you are a junior or senior who has been in the major for a least 1 semester, you are assigned a faculty advisor. 

REGISTRATION : Registration worksheet
PSYC Capstone Designation form
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