Internships are a great way to gain work experience in your field of interest before you graduate.

Many internships are non-credited, non-academic experiences, intended to allow you to apply the knowledge you have gained during your academic experience. Some internships allow you to earn academic credit. For these, you must work closely with a professor who directs an academic component of the internship that has been agreed upon and planned in advance of the experience.

The Psychology Department offers two courses through which students can pursue credited internship opportunities: PSYC 793, Internship; and PSYC 794, Advanced Internship. Please check the course descriptions for complete information about these courses and to see prerequisites that may apply. The Internship Manual includes all details about the internship program and what needs to be included in a learning agreement. 

Fall 2024: Internship – PSYC 793: paperwork due in office by 3pm on April 12th.
Questions about internship:  Contact Tracy Young at and Professor Joan Glutting at

Click here to view a list of internship (793) sites and contact information.  More detailed information is available in the internship site books in the Psychology Department Office, McConnell 468

  • In order to take PSYC 793, you must obtain an approved placement site.  Students can take PSYC 793 from 4-8 credits depending on the amount of time spent at the internship site.  (4 credits = 8 hours on site plus the 3 hour once a week class and 8 credits = 16 hours on site plus the 3 hours once a week class).  PSYC 762 Counseling is either a co-requisite or a pre-requisite for PSYC 793

Find at least 3 placement sites that interest you.  Call at least 3 sites to start.  It could take a bit of time before your hear back.   It would not hurt to do a follow-up call or email.  Once you secure a site, you will need to create a “learning agreement” with your supervisor.  Many of the sites have been taking on PSYC majors and are familiar with this step. The internship manual has an example of a learning agreement.  Once the learning agreement is completed and signed by you and your supervisor, please submit two copies to Robin Scholefield in McConnell 468A.  We will also need a signed consent form and a registration worksheet informing us of what section of PSYC 793 you would like to register for and whether or not you need PSYC 762. 

ALL of this paperwork is DUE by 3pm on Thursday, April 12th to Tracy Young in McConnell.

Paperwork includes:
Learning agreement
Risk and consent form
Registration worksheet