Social Studies in Science & Technology (Minor)

Social Studies in Science & Technology (Minor)

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Click on the course numbers below for more information on Spring 2020 SSST Minor course offerings:
BIOL 444B         HIST 437
CEE 796             HIST 498.01
CMN 619            HIST 522
GEOG 405         POLT 751
GEOG 685         SOC 565
HIST 425            440 Honors Symposium - ENGL 440B, HIST 440G, PHIL 440C, PHYS 440A

How are our lives being changed by technology? Why is science so influential in our society? Is modern science superior to traditional ways of knowing nature? Are science and technology doing more harm than good? The minor in social studies of science and technology enables students to seek answers to such questions through the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences. In this minor, students select courses from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, history, communication, sociology and philosophy, all of which shed light on the role of science and technology in modern society.

The minor presupposes no specialized scientific background and may be combined with any undergraduate major. Students must pass five 4-credit courses, chosen from the list of approved courses, with a grade of C- or better. No more than three courses should be chosen from any one department.

Students interested in taking the minor should contact the coordinator, Fredrik Meiton, Department of History, Horton Social Science Center, e-mail


Curriculum & Requirements

To complete a minor in social studies of science and technology, students must complete five courses (20 credits) with a grade of C- or better, choosing no more than three courses from a single department.

Select five courses from the following:20
Honors/Medicine and Culture: Science, Technology and the Body
Biotechnology and Society
CEE 520
Environmental Pollution and Protection: A Global Context
CHE 410
Energy and Environment
CMN 696W
Seminar in Media Studies 1
CMN 772
Seminar in Media Theory (topic: Critical Approaches to New Media)
Literature and Medicine
GEOG 405
Human-Environment Geography
GEOG 590
Field Research 1
GEOG 670
Climate and Society
HIST 425
Foreign Cultures (topic: Energy and Society: A Global History)
Honors/Medicine, Society, Science, and the Law: Who Makes Your Health Care Decisions?
Honors/Revolutions in Science
HIST 498
Explorations of Historical Perspectives (topic: History of Animals)
HIST 521
Origins of Modern Science
HIST 522
Science in the Modern World
HIST 595
Explorations 1
HIST 596
Explorations 1
HIST #597
Medicine and Society in Pre-Modern Europe
HIST 600
Explorations (topic: Oil and Water of the Middle East)
HIST #604
History of Medicine in the United States
HIST 618
American Environmental History
HIST 621
History of American Thought 1
HIST 622
History of American Thought 1
HIST 652
Topics in European Intellectual History 1
HIST 654
Topics in History of Science
HIST 690
Seminar: Historical Expl 1
HIST 789
Seminar in the History of Science
PHIL 424
Science, Technology, and Society
PHIL 435
Human Nature and Evolution
PHIL 447
Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and People
PHIL 450
Environmental Ethics
PHIL 630
Neuroscience and Philosophy
PHIL 631
Topics in the Philosophy of Science
PHIL 780
Special Topics 1
POLT 444
Politics and Policy in a Warming World
POLT 751
Comparative Environmental Politics and Policy
POLT 780
International Environmental Politics, Policy, and Law
PSYC 571
Pioneers of Psychology
Advanced Topics 1
SOC 565
Environment and Society
Total Credits20

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