Josh Lauer

Phone: (603) 862-3037
Office: Communication, Horton Social Science Center Rm 127, Durham, NH 03824
Josh Lauer


  • Ph.D., Communication, University of Pennsylvania
  • M.A., Communication, University of Pennsylvania
  • M.L.I.S., University of Pittsburgh
  • B.A., History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

  • Big Data
  • Communication technology
  • Consumer and financial culture
  • Cultural History
  • Finance
  • History of Science & Technology
  • Media history and theory
  • Privacy
  • Surveillance

Courses Taught

  • CMN 455: Introduction to Media Studies
  • CMN 519: Advertisng as Social Communctn
  • CMN 619: Histories of New Media
  • CMN 619W: Histories of New Media
  • CMN 696: Sem/Histories of the New Media
  • CMN 719: Surveillance and Society
  • CMN 772: Seminar in Media Theory

Selected Publications

Lauer, J. (n.d.). The telephone answering machine: Mediated presence and the participatory condition. New Media & Society, 146144482311593. doi:10.1177/14614448231159350

Lauer, J. (2022). Credit Reporting and the History of Commercial Surveillance in America. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History. Oxford University Press. Retrieved from

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Lauer, J., & Lipartito, K. (2021). Surveillance Capitalism in America. University of Pennsylvania Press.

Lauer, J. (2020). Plastic surveillance: Payment cards and the history of transactional data, 1888 to present. BIG DATA & SOCIETY, 7(1). doi:10.1177/2053951720907632

Lauer, J. (2019). The Known Citizen: A History of Privacy in Modern America. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW, 124(3), 1019-1021. doi:10.1093/ahr/rhz413

Lauer, J., & Lauer, J. (2017). Creditworthy A History of Consumer Surveillance and Financial Identity in America Introduction. Retrieved from

Lauer, J. (2016). The End of Judgment: Consumer Credit Scoring and Managerial Resistance to the Black Boxing of Creditworthiness. In D. Raff, & P. Scranton (Eds.), The Emergence of Routines: Entrepreneurship, Organization, and Business History (pp. 269-287). Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

Lauer, J. (2012). Surveillance history and the history of new media: An evidential paradigm. NEW MEDIA & SOCIETY, 14(4), 566-582. doi:10.1177/1461444811420986