The Center for the Humanities was established in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of New Hampshire in 1986 to support humanities research by faculty from across the university, representing such fields as anthropology, communication, fine arts, folklore, foreign languages, geography, history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, and women's and gender studies.

The Center hosts and sponsors faculty research fellows, faculty seminars, lecture series, and many public programs. By doing so, we endeavor to inspire and cultivate innovative research, excellence in teaching, and a commitment to public service as a means of expanding the relevance of the humane disciplines to the university and the world beyond our campus.

The Center consists of a directora small staffa faculty advisory boardan endowed chair, and resident faculty fellows, all engaged in individual or collaborative research and in the development of innovative projects and public programs.

Center for the Humanities Leadership 
Burt Feintuch (Professor of Folklore and English), Director, 1988–2018
Stephen Trzaskoma (Professor of Classics), Faculty Director, 2019–2022
Meghan Howey (Professor of Anthropology), Faculty Director, 2022–Current