Public Humanities

Many universities have encouraged their faculty to undertake engaged scholarship, partnering with communities and public organizations for mutual benefit. This is especially consonant with the mission of land-grant universities, which were created for the public good. Faculty who do engaged scholarship typically represent areas of the university other than the humanities, fields considered to have applied dimensions. Our public humanities initiative aims to expand the cohort of scholars who practice engaged work.

Our goal is to provide resources for colleagues whose work demonstrates the importance of the humanities for the public good. The humanities have sometimes been critiqued as insular, not able to speak clearly to audiences beyond small disciplinary groups. More broadly, universities are increasingly criticized as remote from public issues, concerns, and priorities.

Beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year, our Fellowships in Publicly Engaged Humanities have broadened the participation of UNH humanities faculty in engaged work, helping the institution reimagine the nature and scope of engaged scholarship. The Fellowships demonstrate the importance and utility of the humanities in public life.

Resources for Public Humanities

For information on engaged scholarship at UNH and on a number of other organizations involved in public humanities projects, these links may be useful.