Past Fellow Lecture Series


Ileana Chirila (Assistant Professor of French, LLC)
"Between National and World Literature: the Romani Paradigm"

Brigitte Bailey (Professor of English)
"Lydia Maria Child’s "Letters from New-York," Antislavery Environmental Thought, and Urban Political Ecology"


Kate Zambon, Assistant Professor of Communication
"Being at Home in the Nation: Mediated Frameworks of Belonging and Exclusion in Contemporary Germany” 



Wenjin Cui, Assistant Professor of Chinese, LLC
"Nothingness and the Power of Self-Transcendence: Lu Xun’s Affirmative Biopolitics"

Casey Golomski, Associate Professor of Anthropology
"Securing Frailty: Racial Inequities and Aspirations for Senior Housing in South Africa"

Susan Wager, Assistant Professor of Art History
"Pompadour’s Medium: Luxury and Reproduction in Eighteenth-Century France"

Elizabeth Carter, Assistant Professor of Political Science
"Video Killed the Radio Star, Revisited: The Impact of the Digital Revolution on the Power Structures of the American Recording Industry"

Lin Zhang, Assistant Professor of Communication
"Entrepreneurial China: The Entrepreneurial Labor of Reinvention in China’s New Economy"



Ivo Van der Graaff, Assistant Professor of Art History
"Excavating Oplontis: The Tale of a Roman Settlement Buried by Vesuvius"

Charlotte Witt, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
"Norms As Expertise"

Dennis Britton, Associate Professor of English
"Shakespeare, Race, and Pity"

Wenjin Cui, Assistant Professor of Chinese, LLC
Rescheduled to Fall 2020



Harriet Fertik, Assistant Professor of Classics
"Greece, Rome, Africa: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Politics of Antiquity"

Marcos Del Hierro, Assistant Professor of English
"Sazón and Flava as Digital Practices"

 Nora Draper, Roland H. O'Neal Assistant Professor of Communication 
"Land’s Princesses: The Women Who Developed Polaroid"

Charles Vannette, Assistant Professor of German
"Schizophrenia’s Gaze: Psychosis and the Origins of Robert Walser’s Words"

Marion "Molly" Girard Dorsey, Associate Professor of History
"Chemical Bonds: Poison Gas, the Allies, and World War II"


Eliga Gould, Professor of History
"The Story of Harry Washington: Slavery and Freedom in the United States’ Founding Treaty”

Subrena Smith, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
"From a Developmental Point of View"


Jeannie Sowers, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs Program Chair
"Targeting Environmental Infrastructures: International Law and Infrastructural Wars in the Middle East and North Africa"

Jennifer Borda, Associate Professor of Communication
"Deliberating Working Motherhood: Reconstructing Ideologies of Gender, Work, and Family in the Mediated Public Sphere"

Janet Polasky, Presidential Professor of History
"Political Asylum in a World of Nations" 

Reginald A. Wilburn, Associate Professor of English and African American Studies
"Feeling Like A Motherless Child with Milton in Toni Morrison's A Mercy"

Tom Haines, Assistant Professor of English
"Walking to the Sun: A 21st Century Journey"

Sandhya Shetty, Associate Professor of English
"Parasite Found: When Species Meet in the Colonial Lab"


Lucy Salyer, Associate Professor of History
"Erin's Hope"

Funso Afolayan, Associate Professor of History
"After Mandela: The Struggle for Democracy, Reconciliation, and Justice in Post-Apartheid South Africa"

Scott Weintraub, Assistant Professor of Spanish
"Latin American E-Poetry: Scientific Readings and Digital Humanities Approaches"


Jeffry Diefendorf, Pamela Shulman Professor in European and Holocaust Studies
"Interacting the Past and Present in Urban Planning"

Josh Lauer, Associate Professor of Communication
"The Good Consumer: A History of Credit Surveillance and Financial Identity in America"

Douglas Lanier, Professor English
"Commemorating Shakespeare in America, 1864"

Scott Smith, Professor of Classics
"Did Roman Poets Cheat By Using Mythographical Handbooks?"


Holly Cashman, Assistant Professor of Spanish
"Being Queer, Latina/o and Bilingual: Language, Identities and Interaction"

Piero Garofalo, Assistant Professor of Italian
"Holiday in the Sun: Internal Exile in Fascist Italy"

Janet Gold, Professor of Spanish
"The Poetry of Place: A Literary Pilgrimage Down the San Juan de Nicaragua River"

Lu Yan, Associate Professor of History
"Lost in the Cold War: Labor Activism in Late Colonial Hong Kong"


Stephen Brunet, Associate Professor of Classics
"Living in the Shadow of the Past: The Olympics After Eight Centuries"
(Rescheduled to 2014)

Eleanor Harrison-Buck, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
"To Die for Chocolate?: Cacao and the Classic Maya Collapse"
(Rescheduled to 2014)

Svetlana Peshkova, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
"Islamic Education in Post-Soviet Central Asia"

Julia Rodriguez, Associate Professor of History
"Americanist Anthropology and the Rankings of Civilizations"

Paula Salvio, Professor of Education
"The 'Story-Takers' : Non-Violent Protest, Public Pedagogy and Italy's Contemporary Resistance Against the Mafia"
(Rescheduled to 2014)



Sheila McNamee, Professor of Communication
"Beyond Resolution: Conflict and Possibility through Difference"
Sheila McNamee discussed how to use alternative available voices to resolve conflict.

Dennis Britton, Assistant Professor of English
"Becoming Christians: Converting Infidels in Early Modern English Literature"
Dennis Britton spoke about sixteenth and seventeenth century literature and its preoccupations with race, romance, and religious conversion.

Sarah Stitzlein, Assistant Professor of Education
"Tea Parties for Students! Students and the Right to Dissent"
In her lecture Sarah Stitzlein investigated the philosophical foundation of dissent and explores how students can learn and practice the art of political dissent in school.

Marla Brettschneider, Professor of Political Science and Coordinator of Women's Studies
"Jamaica Kincaid and Diaspora Theorizing"
Marla Brettschneider spoke on the legacy of Jewish feminist thinking as seen in the work and life of Jamaica Kincaid.

Charlotte Witt, Professor of Philosophy
"Family Relations: What Kind of Relations Structure Families?"
Charlotte Witt explored the common view of the family, how it strengthens philosophical theories, and its relationship to political theory.


David Bachrach, Associate Professor of History
"The Ottonian Fisc in Military Perspective: Economic Organization and Warfare in Tenth Century Germany "

Jaume Marti-Olivella, Associate Professor of Hispanic Cinema and Cultural Studies
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
"Why Does Catalan Cinema Speak So Many Languages?"

Meghan Howey, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
"Creating Ritual, Constructing Monuments"

Janet Aikins Yount, Professor of English
"Reading Clarissa under Apartheid: The Enduring Force of an 18th Century Novel"

Stephen Trzaskoma, Associate Professor of Classics
"Literary Imitation in Europe's Earliest Novel: Chariton's Callirhoe and the Classics"

Eliga Gould, Associate Professor of History
"The World of the American Revolution, 1776-1848"


Jeannie Sowers, Political Science
"Re-mapping the Nation, Critiquing the State: Narrating Land Reclamation in Egypt's New Valley"

R. Scott Smith, Classics
"Found in Translation: Making Seneca's Tragedies Meaningful for a Modern Audience"

Kurk Dorsey, History
"Cheaters Sometimes Prosper: Aristotle Onassis, Alexei Solyanik, and Other Scoundrels of 20th Century Whaling"

Mary Malone, Political Science
"Does Dirty Harry Have the Answer? Citizens and Law in Central America"