Unit for Professionals in Education

The Chair of the Education Department acts as head of The Unit for Professionals in Education. All baccalaureate and graduate level educator preparation programs are governed through the university-wide Council for Preservice Teacher Education. The Chair of the Council for Preservice Teacher Education is voted from the membership to serve a two year term.  The Unit for Professionals in Education also includes the Division of Educational Studies where specialist certification programs are offered.  The Unit for Professionals in Education prepare students for professional roles in public and private schools, higher education, research institutions, and human service agencies. Unit faculty assume collaborative responsibilities for instruction, advising, assessment and curriculum development across programs. Teaching, research, and service within the Unit are often field-based and closely connected through a focus on promoting knowledge, skills and dispositions that will improve professional practice and foster leadership in the profession. Consistent with the University of New Hampshire’s land grant and public service missions, the Unit not only provides educational opportunities to preservice and advanced degree students but also reaches out to professionals in the state through on-site instruction and professional development activities.

Unit Mission Statement

The professional education Unit at the University of New Hampshire seeks to prepare educators who will become excellent practitioners and leaders in the profession, applying knowledge to improve education for all students and enrich the lives of clients. Immersion in subject matter, general education, research, theory, and field-based experience provides a base for our graduates to make well-reasoned judgments in complex situations, render informed decisions, model exemplary practice, and take initiative for planned change. Students learn to establish caring environments which celebrate individual differences and backgrounds while fostering cooperation and educational improvement. We stress acquisition of multiple perspectives, reflective critical inquiry as a mode of study, and community-building as a means for promoting change. We value and support excellence in our students' local practice and their broader leadership within the profession.

University of New Hampshire Unit for Professionals in Education

Unit for Professionals