Field Experience Opportunities

Education Field Experience Opportunities

EDUC 610H (1-4 credits per semester)

EDUC 610 Field Experiences allows students to supplement their education course work with additional applied learning that expands and deepens their development as educators.

Enrolling in EDUC 610 allows students to earn up to 1 credit for every 10 hours completed in the field (maximum 4 credits per semester). Examples include working in after school programs offered by UNH Extension, 21st Century programs in participating school districts; tutoring through the Education Department’s Community Literacy Center, serving as a camp counselor; being a curriculum assistant for educational programming at a museum.  EDUC 610 can be completed in academic semesters, in J-term, and/or the summer.  Faculty permission is required.

To enroll in EDUC 610, students must complete the EDUC 610 proposal form. Apply here.