Scholarship in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
2016 to present

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Current Funded Research Projects

EC-SEAT Project - Leslie Couse and Eun Kyeong Cho (US Department of Education Office of Special Education funded)
Project Blog:
Federal funding for this project has concluded.The opportunity to study Early Childhood Special Education and Assistive Technology is still available. 

UNH Teacher Residency for Rural Education (UNH-TRRE) - Leslie Couse, Emilie Reagan and Tom Schram.  This is a 15-month graduate level program designed to prepare elementary and secondary STEM teachers to teach in rural New Hampshire communities.  Read full UNH Today article...

Policy Briefs

Brief #19-02: Removing Ineffective Educators
Brief #19-01: Does Dosage Matter
Brief #18-02: Mapping out the terrain_Evans and DeMitchell
Brief #18-01: Competency-Based Education
Brief #17-01: Confederate Symbols In Our Schools
Brief #16-01: Policy Short Takes October 2016
Brief #15-02: School Uniforms in New Hampshire Public Schools
Brief #15-01: Student Internet Speech
Brief #14-01: The School Uniform and Compelled Speech
Brief #13-01: Social Media and Teaching Interns
Brief #12-02: Constitutional Amendment
Brief #12-01: HB 542
Brief #11-04: Teacher Privacy and the Internet
Brief #11-03: Deliberate Indifference to the Sexual Abuse of Students
Brief #11-02: Student Free Speech
Brief #11-01: Student Outcomes
Brief #10-01: Canine Drug Searches of Student Possessions: Law and Policy
Brief #08-01: The Effects of Heterogenous Grouping of Middle School Math Students
Brief #06-01: Third Grade State Testing