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Now more than ever, teachers need deep content knowledge to be effective. This is why at UNH undergraduates choose a major in a content area (psychology, human development and family studies, English, math, history, etc.).

Undergraduate students then begin taking education courses, which lead to a minor in education or count toward teacher certification in elementary and secondary education, early childhood education, early childhood special education, counseling, and special education, at the graduate level.

Students interested in teaching elementary, early childhood education, counseling, or special education have the opportunity to major in any field of study outside of education at the undergraduate level. They then apply into a fifth year of study and a full-year internship leading to the M.Ed. degree and licensure in teaching. Students who wish to teach a specific subject (Math, Biology, English, Art, etc.) major in that subject and then apply into the fifth year of study and a full-year internship leading to the M.Ed or M.A.T. degree and licensure in teaching.

Students majoring in music, mathematics, P-3 early childhood, and physical education have the option of participating in a five-year program leading to licensure and a graduate degree. Or they may choose the four-year option in those majors, which prepares them for licensure at the undergraduate level. Students interested in the four-year option in these areas should contact the departments for information.

Quick Facts

About Our Students

  • Average undergraduate GPA of admitted and enrolled students in 2012-2013 – 3.37
  • Multi-year Praxis pass rate from 2010-2013 - UNH 94.3%, Statewide 89.3%

About Our Graduates (Select results from 2010 5-Year Survey)

  • 88.7% of those responding indicated that they are currently teaching or in an education related job. 84% indicated they are currently a full-time teacher.
  • 94% indicated they had taught after completing the UNH Teacher Education Program.

What Employers Say

  • 75% of the principals rated our graduates in the top 20% in response to the question: "Compared to teachers of similar teaching experience, please rate this teacher's performance as a caring, qualified, and competent professional."

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