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Undergraduate course work in Education - from a minor, the dual major, or the Education B.A. degree, engage students in a diverse and varied collection of educational experiences that prepare them for present and future challenges as well as for a wide range of employment opportunities in educational and professional settings engaged in educational policy, community-based education, and advocacy.

Both the Education B.A. and the Educational Studies Dual Major integrate a robust liberal arts education with the professional study of education. These programs are designed for students who seek a deep understanding of education grounded in science, the arts, and the humanities. The curriculum nurtures civically, globally, and intellectually-engaged students who understand the complexities of education, are capable of analyzing and evaluating complex problems influencing education from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and are committed to becoming community teachers – teachers who are leaders and role-models in the communities in which they teach. In addition to traditional school settings, students complete a rich array of field experiences in community settings: from public libraries and children’s museums to food banks, science centers, and immigrant/refugee resettlement agencies.

Students seeking a four-year pathway to integrated certification in Elementary Education and English to Speakers of Other Languages can do so through the Education B.A. The major provides opportunities for students to explore the questions that 1) surround what it means to be an educated, civically-and globally-engaged person working toward a fully inclusive participatory democracy; 2) how schools are organized; and 3) the links between schooling and broader social and cultural histories that are rooted in systemic inequities and asymmetrical distribution of educational resources and opportunities. 

Students interested in four-year pathways in music, mathematics, P-3 early childhood, theatre and dance, and physical education complete an undergraduate major in the appropriate content area. Students are advised to contact the home departments of these degrees for more information.

Students also have the opportunity to complete a major in any field of study outside of education at the undergraduate level and then apply into a fifth year of study and a full-time internship leading to an master’s degree and licensure in teaching. Students may complete an M.Ed. in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, or Early Childhood Education for Children with Special Needs.

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  • Average undergraduate GPA of admitted and enrolled students in 2017-2018 – 3.49
  • Multi-year Praxis pass rate from 2015-2018 - UNH 91%, Statewide 88%

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